‘My Husband Is Missing’: Lifetime Movie Previously Known As ‘Abducted Love’ Stars Daphne Zuniga And Aaron Pearl

My Husband Is Missing is an exciting Lifetime movie that premieres this Saturday for your crime viewing pleasure. The movie, which came out in 2015, was originally titled Abducted Love, and the plot follows a worried wife who is trying to find her missing husband.

My Husband Is Missing is directed by Brenton Spencer and written by Jennifer Studer. According to the Internet Movie Database, it stars Daphne Zuniga as Anne Bradshaw, Aaron Pearl as Barry Matthews, Christopher De-Schuster as Mike Ferrit, Bethany Brown as Tammy Lloyd, Ian Carter as Mr. Reynolds, David Lewis as Mel Davidson, Natalie Moon as Cynthia, Nicole Muñoz as Casey Bradshaw, Robert Underwood as Dale Bradshaw, and Sabrina Valana as Bree Knox.

My Husband Is Missing Lifetime Movie Synopsis

Anne Bradshaw’s morning starts off like any other with preparing breakfast and kissing her family goodbye. This particular morning, her plans change as Anne informs her husband, Dale Bradshaw, that he must pick up their daughter from school since she has to work late. But Anne has no idea that in just a few short hours, her life will change forever.

The first hint that something is wrong occurs when Anne’s husband doesn’t pick up Casey from school as planned. Then, Anne is informed by a detective that Dale has been kidnapped by masked abductors. Total panic sets in when she sees video footage of her husband tied to a chair, where he is enduring physical abuse by his abductors.

When the frantic wife learns that her husband’s disappearance could be tied to some missing money and a money laundering scheme that has been under investigation for more than a year, she lets the detective know that Dale had nothing to do with the theft, and this is all just a big misunderstanding.

However, there is an obvious gap in the investigation, and one detective is convinced that Anne’s husband is the key to closing that gap and pulling the case together. Convinced that Anne is part of this financial scheme, they are determined to bring her down. Now, one investigator believes that the investigation itself might be corrupt, putting Anne and her daughter’s life in danger. Is Anne innocent in all of this? And will she be able to find her missing husband before their luck runs out?

Cast of My Husband Is Missing

About Actress Daphne Zuniga (from Hallmark Channel)

“From the first moment Daphne Zuniga stepped onto the stage in junior high as The Admiral in the musical, HMS Pinafore, at age twelve, she knew she’d found her calling. Zuniga began her film career with Rob Reiner’s “The Sure Thing” opposite John Cusack and Tim Robbins. Then, a childhood dream came true when she was cast opposite Lucille Ball in Ball’s final performance, “Stone Pillow.” Zuniga went on to star in several feature films, including Mel Brooks’ “Spaceballs,” “Vision Quest,” “Gross Anatomy” with Christine Lahti and Matthew Modine and “Staying Together” with Stockard Channing, directed by Lee Grant.”

About Actor Aaron Pearl (from Hallmark Channel)

“Aaron Pearl is perhaps best known for his performance with Leslie Neilsen in “Wrongly Accused,” a spoof of “The Fugitive.” Additionally, Pearl’s motion picture credits also include “Duets” and “Dangerous Attraction.” The independent feature “Try Seventeen,” in which he starred opposite Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore and Franka Potente, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews in 2002. He also starred in, wrote and executive-produced the short film “Alaya’s Wish,” and the full-length feature, “Little Boy Blues.”

My Husband Is Missing, aka Abducted Love, is produced by Daro Film Distribution in association with Odyssey Media. It was filmed in Canada. Executive producers of the TV crime thriller are Pierre-Andre Rochat, Keith Shaw, and Kirk Shaw.

Lifetime fans can watch My Husband Is Missing this Saturday, October 1, at 8/7 p.m. Central. The most recent Lifetime movies to air on television are Below The Surface and Sister Cities.

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