September 29, 2016
Twitter Ban For 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County': Bravo's Shocking Letter To 'RHOC' Ladies

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County have been placed on a Twitter ban. Bravo production sent a shocking letter to the entire cast of the RHOC after their latest social media feud went too far.

It appears the cast of the Orange County franchise is in time out from social media. Radar Online reported that the cast of women has gotten so nasty toward each other that Bravo production is commanding social media silence for the time being.

The letter was obtained by Radar, which clearly lays down the law for the six cast members of the RHOC.
"…the social media viciousness has gone too far and you need to cool it. Specifically we're asking you to stop attacking each other. The network is upset and so are we in production."
The production letter comes as a surprise, as typically Bravo likes to stir up drama between the cast members of The Real Housewives franchise.

The ladies of Orange County must have really hit a nerve with Andy Cohen and the rest of the production crew.

"The constant, ugly fighting is a bad look for you, and bad for the show.

You may not like each other, may not trust each other and often wish you weren't on the show together – but taking shots at each other on social media isn't the answer. Save it for the show… for the reunion… and please stop fighting so dirty."

The letter pleads with the women to stop taking such heavy digs at one another. Bravo urged the ladies of the RHOC to focus on their own lives and personal projects instead.
"We're asking you to stop any negative mentions about the other cast members on social media. Talk about your lives, your kids, your grandchildren, your jobs, products…. Or whatever…. But please stop aggressively hitting each other below the belt."
What started the intense back-and-forth between this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County's cast members?Vicki Gunvalson, 54, Shannon Beador, 52, Tamra Judge, 49, Heather Debrow, 47, Kelly Dodd, 42, and Meghan King-Edmonds, 32, have been very heated toward each other on Twitter since filming wrapped for the season.

Team Gunvalson and Dodd have been up against team Beador, Judge and Debrow.

Vicki recently attacked Shannon in the most recent episode on Bravo; hinting that Beador's cheating husband was happier with his mistress than he was with his wife.

Fans of the show are aware that Shannon does not react well to people talking about husband David's affair.

"David and I are in a great place, but when someone brings up the affair, it still hurts."
Bravo has confirmed to Radar that the social media ban was mainly due to Beador's complaints to the network.
"The letter was sent a direct result of Shannon complaining to the network about what was happening on social media."
In a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County David Beador's own mother went on camera saying that his wife "pushed him" to have an affair.
"He's a wonderful guy. He made one mistake, and she pushed him."
Needless to say, Shannon did not react well after hearing that.
"Are you f***ing kidding me? I'm f***ing done. I didn't push you to anything!"
Unfortunately for Beador, her husband's affair seems to be following her wherever she goes.

At the same time, RHOC co-stars Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd have been feuding on Twitter, with Dodd threatening Judge that she would talk to her ex-husband and oldest daughter.

Tamra lashed out at Kelly Dodd's comments and even wrote back that she hoped her husband wouldn't leave her and take her child.
Tamra posted this photo of herself, Kelly Dodd, Heather Dubrow, and Vicki Gunvalson earlier this week when the episode aired of the foursome going to a spa together. It seems the good feelings have not lasted between the group of women.Judge even tweeted to Dodd that she had thought they had put the drama behind them, so why was Dodd continuing the social media digs?
Kelly Dodd went as far as to say the women were menopausal, 'hangry', and filled with testosterone.
Tamra commented back to her fans on Twitter saying that she was not affected by Dodd's comments.
Tamra has written on Facebook since the Twitter dispute between her and Dodd and criticized her for attacking Shannon Beador as well.
"This girl won't stop! She claims she never watched the show yet she knew so much about my family. How? because she has a mutual friend with my ex and was at a party with the both of them months ago. So don't act so innocent. You've attacked everyone on the cast and most of your followers/fans. Get your shit together because the cast is not sitting back taking your abuse anymore. #yourenotthatspecial. Btw your blog (that you clearly don't write) was bullshit low blow to Shannon this week. Maybe Shannon should tell everyone what you said about your mother n law dying? You know exactly what Davids mom did … it was not Shannons fault.
Shocking you would be saying anything about family after watching next weeks episode.

I felt bad for you, tried to help, stuck my your side.




Tamra and Shannon seem to still be on good terms with one another.It even appears that "best friends" Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge were going at each other on Twitter.
Who's side are you on in the Real Housewives war? And how long do you think Bravo producers will enforce this Twitter ban on the RHOC ladies? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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