September 29, 2016
Tyler Baltierra And Catelynn Send Their Support To Amber Portwood During Difficult Time

Tyler Baltierra has been a very supportive of his wife, Catelynn Baltierra, as she dealt with anxiety, depression, and drug use. Tyler was emotional when his wife went to a treatment facility, because she needed help that he couldn't provide. She felt horrible about how she was acting at home, but Baltierra just wanted his wife to get help. She went to Arizona to get the help she needed. Despite everything they went through, Tyler still has the time to reach out to his co-stars who may be struggling with something major themselves.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now reaching out to his co-star, Amber Portwood, who announced that she's working on fixing herself. It's no secret that Amber has struggled with her weight, her mental health and her anger issues since being released from prison a few years ago. She's worked hard on proving that she's a great mother, but it sounds like she feels that she has a long way to go.

"My mommy makeover is officially happening! Losing weight and gaining weight + having a baby can change your body. Time to feel good again," Amber revealed on Twitter, to which Tyler Baltierra replied, "I'm happy for you! Regardless...You ARE & ALWAYS will be beautiful Amber! Me & Cate send our love & support!"

Many people already think that Amber has turned her life around since being released from prison. She's flipping houses to make money, she's putting her daughter first, and she isn't rushing into a relationship. She recently postponed her wedding to Matt after learning that he had been lying to her. And one can imagine that Tyler Baltierra has her back no matter what, since they have been friends for a while.

Of course, Tyler and his wife Catelynn Baltierra have been supportive of their co-star since the beginning, as she chose jail over treatment. In addition, Tyler Baltierra and his wife probably reached out to their co-star when they learned that she was dealing with some serious issues in her relationship, including the lies that Matt Baier had told her. Gary Shirley, her ex-boyfriend and the father of Leah, had learned that Baier was being sued for child support and he was essentially the deadbeat dad that Portwood didn't want in her life.


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Last year, Portwood learned that her boyfriend, Matt Baier, had been lying about how many children he had. He had told the Teen Mom star that he had two children. It was revealed that he had about nine children. And while some of the women wanted nothing to do with him since he was a deadbeat dad, Kelli Maguire Nunn is one of the ladies who doesn't want to go away. She's here to get money and support from him for their children.

"All of the women should go on the reunion show, and demand he take a DNA test. He can't deny science!" Nunn revealed to Radar Online in an interview, adding, "It's still a bit weird for me, it's still like watching my past life, and an actress is playing me. The stuff that he says to Amber is all the stuff he said to me."

It's awesome to see that these Teen Mom stars are supportive of one another and will encourage them when things get tough. And it sounds like Portwood will always have Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn by her side if she needs some friends.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra's tweet to his co-star? Do you think Tyler and Catelynn talk to their co-star regularly, as she's turning her life around?

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]