How 'Friends' Eerily Predicted Its Stars' Futures: Stalkers, Pregnancy, Fertility Problems

The Friends TV series apparently has some kind of Nostradamus abilities, according to Revelist. There have been a number of cases when the real life events from the show's cast eerily resembled what was going on with their characters.

Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe on Friends, was pregnant at the same time as her character on the show. The actress didn't have triplets, though. But still, the writers planned Phoebe's pregnancy long before Kudrow became pregnant.

But Kudrow still had to wear a bodysuit because her belly wasn't big enough to resemble bearing three babies in utero. Interestingly, the actress had already delivered her son by the time Phoebe gave birth to the triplets during the next season of Friends.

And really, Kudrow played a great both mom-to-be and mother onscreen, as she had lots of motherhood things to relate to just at that same moment. Then, one of the Friends cast members had a stalker in real life.

But this time, it wasn't Matt LeBlanc (Joey), whose Friends character was receiving too much unwelcome attention from a crazy fan. In real life, it was Jennifer Aniston who had to fight off the attention from a stalker in 2010.

But it was even more creepy in Aniston's real life case compared to Joey's Friends story with the stalker, who was played by Brooke Shields. In real life, Aniston had to deal with a man who carved the words "I love you Jennifer Aniston" on his car and then drove to California to track down the actress.

That's when Aniston had to take action against the man, and when police found the stalker, he had a maniac-set of objects on him: a roll of duct tape, a sharp object, and lots of love letters written for the Friends actress.

While it's unclear what his intentions were, every Friends fan is glad the actress is fine. Another eerie resemblance of the cast members' onscreen and behind the scenes lives was that Courteney Cox had fertility issues just like her Friends character Monica.

Monica and Chandler (Matthew Perry) had to come to terms that they would probably never be able to make a baby on Friends, and during her marriage with David Arquette, Cox was dealing with the same problem.

The writers of Friends claimed they didn't know Cox had fertility issues at the time of Monica's heartache. But it all went well for both Monica and Cox, as the former decided to adopt twins, while the latter eventually became pregnant with daughter Coco.

Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow have recently reunited to play a Friends trivia game, according to Hollywood Life. The two actresses, who played Monica and Phoebe respectively on the hit comedy sitcom, proved that they are close friends in real life even though the show ended more than a decade ago.

Cox and Kudrow recently played a Friends trivia game during the NBC game show about the hit series. And it turns out, the duo nailed all the questions quickly. Interestingly, they had to throw a clue for 45 seconds for the other person to answer.

But Cox and Kudrow sometimes needed only one word to guess the clue, which is fantastic and at the same time not surprising, since the two worked on the set of Friends for 10 years. For example, when Courteney gave her Friends co-star a clue "I was married to him," Kudrow was quick to answer "Chandler Bing."

And Kudrow even remembered the name of the café where the Friends cast had coffee, Central Perk, and she even remembered the name of the character who served coffee there, Gunther. But the most hilarious one was when Kudrow guessed "what Joey would say." He would, of course, say his classic pick-up line "How you doin'?"

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