September 29, 2016
Shannon Beador Gets Flack For Selling Clothes Rather Than Donating Them

Shannon Beador has gone through quite a bit over the past couple of months, including dealing with her mother-in-law, her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars sharing personal information about David's affair and now teaching her children that their grandmother may not be the loving person who they thought they knew. Plus, Beador recently sold her massive home in Orange County so they could downsize to a smaller home. These days, she may still be living in her rental home but she wants her daughters to really think about the value of a dollar. Just because their parents have money doesn't mean they do.

According to a new tweet, Shannon Beador recently revealed how she is teaching her daughters about money and she decided to sell some of her clothes from her closet. However, since Shannon probably has quite a bit of clothing, some people thought it was interesting that she was selling her clothes rather than just donating them to charity.

"I officially purged my closet! Go to eBay and search Shannon Beador to bid on clothes like my YSL reunion dress from last year! This is the girls' new "job" to earn money for new instruments! They are going to put up new clothes each week from the old closet! Check it out," Shannon Beador revealed on Twitter, sharing that she's putting her daughters to work to sell her clothing, so they can understand what it means to make money.

While this is a valuable lesson for her daughters to learn, it sounds like some people don't understand why she would sell her clothing for money when she could donate them and make a powerful difference in the community. While many celebrities sell their clothes on eBay, Shannon may be making a bigger difference if she decided to donate the clothes to a charity, so people in need to get some joy out of them.

"You seriously put them on eBay? How about a charity????" one person questioned her, to which Shannon Beador replied, "we donated a truckload of clothes to charity. Saved some so kids could learn work ethics and understand value of the dollar."


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It makes sense that her daughters could get something out of this experience, including some valuable lessons about money. It's no secret now that Shannon Beador's children have their own band and they want new instruments. Rather than Shannon and David just giving their daughters money for new instruments, it sounds like they want them to work hard for their money.

Given everything Beador has been through over the past couple of months, it sounds like she's gaining some fans who are now trying to understand all of the drama that she's gone through. And it sounds like they think Beador is setting a great example. It sounds like Shannon may come back next season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, as fans are starting to like this strong woman.

"Shannon I think ur awesome. I don't know if u read these. I really look up to u and David for all that u have been thru recently. You certainly didn't need David's mom to stir things up. That was awful. But I will tell u i can't ur daughters song they Sang on show out of my head. Lol. It's so funny i never do that. Ur a great manager mom and wife," one person wrote to Shannon, who didn't reply to this particular comment.

What do you think of Shannon Beador's decision to sell some of her clothes rather than donating them? Do you think she's doing the right thing in regards to parenting, even if she could have donated some great dresses to people in need?

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