September 29, 2016
Selena Gomez Breaks Instagram Records With Loyal Fans, But Will Lupus, Depression End Tours?

Selena Gomez has gained some of the most loyal fans in celebrity land. And even though she revealed that she's struggling with her health because of a lupus diagnosis, which resulted in symptoms including depression and caused her to cancel her tour, those fans have turned their queen into the star of Instagram. But will her autoimmune disease and its side effects, such as pain and anxiety, end her ability to tour in the future?

One person feeling confident about the pop star's ability to manage her lupus successfully is her pal Michael B. Jordan, reported ET. Jordan described Selena as a "really, really strong woman," and he expressed his belief that she will be able to deal with the anxiety and depression that have resulted from lupus, which is a chronic autoimmune disease.

"Everybody comes to terms with it in their own time and she's finally taking the time to deal with it and address it," said Michael.

With a mother who also has lupus, Jordan is familiar with what the disease involves.

Selena Gomez recently canceled her tour due to lupus and its side effects.
Selena Gomez recently canceled her tour due to lupus and its side effects. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]

"My advice would be, 'Stay optimistic, don't succumb to how you feel in the moment -- because it will pass and get better -- and surround yourself with positive people," Michael summed up.

Lupus is an inflammatory disease with symptoms ranging from fatigue to chest pain to rashes. Because the immune system attacks its own tissue, damage to the body can occur along with pain and the other symptoms. When multiple symptoms occur at the same time, it's known as a flare.

In canceling her Revival Tour, Gomez was candid about the reasons.

"I've discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges."
Selena emphasized her desire to take a proactive approach and turn her focus to her "health and happiness." Consequently, she believes that "the best way forward is to take some time off."

Selena Gomez stopped performing to take time off.
Selena Gomez stopped performing to take time off. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Michael addressed the issue of what lies ahead for Gomez by revealing what he learned through viewing his own mother's lupus struggles. Jordan feels that the biggest challenge is not feeling "healthy enough or good enough" to perform even everyday tasks.

"Just day-to-day routine and the most normal things are really hard to do when you're not feeling well and your lupus is flaring up," explained Michael.

"Every day can be a struggle."
Moreover, Jordan pointed out that no cure as yet exists, but emphasized the importance of staying "extremely optimistic about finding a cure."

For now, however, with no cure for her condition, Selena has chosen to take time off from social media and her career. But that hiatus and cancellation of her tour has not stopped her fans from loving her and following her, making Gomez the first individual to attract 100 million Instagram followers.

Gomez soared to the top of Instagram's records and then went beyond, despite the fact that she has not posted since August, pointed out Time.

Selena has been the unofficial Queen Of Instagram since July when a photo skyrocketed to the list of most liked pictures with more than 5.6 million likes. Her new triumph means that she trumps Taylor Swift (91.5 million followers), Beyoncé (85.4 million followers) and Kim Kardashian (83.7 million followers).

But although her fans have made it clear that they adore their queen, what does the future hold for Gomez? A physician, Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D., told Hollywood Life that the possibility of her touring again depends on the severity of her lupus.

And while flares mean a downturn in her health, there also is the possibility of a remission.

"Lupus comes and goes. It may be more serious at certain times which is called a flare, and it may be less serious at times which is called a remission," explained Dr. Lee.

The physician emphasized the importance of following her doctor's recommendations, including medication and lifestyle changes.

"Selena needs tools to reduce anxiety, panic attacks and depression," added Dr. Lee. "She could go under the care of a therapist and a psychiatrist to help manage these issues. She would benefit from a healthy lifestyle, by getting enough rest, exercise, yoga, and a good diet. She could also take antidepressants such as Zoloft and Prestiq."

As for future tours, it's not known whether Gomez can continue after a break because the fatigue that can result from those concerts combined with lupus side effects such as anxiety and pain could make performances challenging.

"Selena may be treated with steroids, however they have a lot of side effects such as weight gain, swelling, mood changes, difficulty sleeping, infections and weakening of the bone. Steroids can also cause depression and anxiety," he noted.

[Featured Image by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images for Free The Children]