September 29, 2016
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Anna Devane Is Back And She May Have Already Cracked The Serial Killer Case Single-Handedly

Anna Devane has made her way back to General Hospital, and fans are very happy to see her. Actress Finola Hughes took a summer break from the ABC soap as her character left Port Charles to visit with Patrick, Robin, and Emma in California. She also left to get her head straight after losing Duke and losing control for a while. Now that she is back, she is definitely on her game already.

On Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, Anna was let into Paul Hornsby's room at the MetroCourt and lo and behold, the former police commissioner discovered the mysterious cuff links that the PCPD were looking for. This alerted Anna on the possible identity of the serial killer. She is expected to let Jordan in on what she found, and the two women will work together, as Soaps She Knows had posted.

This may not come as much of a shock to Anna as it does to everyone else. She has been suspicious of Paul Hornsby for a while now as not being the person he claims to be, and she knows that he killed Kyle Sloan. He also told her the story of how his daughter Susan was abused and raped by Sloane, which is why he did away with him. This will most likely spark Anna's memory back to that conversation, and she should put the pieces together very quickly.

Unfortunately, Paul now has Tracy Quartermaine in his grasp out in a remote area after she overheard him confessing to being the General Hospital serial killer. He knows that she heard him and lured her out there. He told her on Wednesday's show that he needed to tie up loose ends. Her life is at stake, so it's a good thing that Anna is on to the district attorney, and now she and Jordan can go looking for the real murderer.

If the PCPD looks further as they should, they will probably end up finding those fancy shoes that Paul was wearing when he pushed Elizabeth Webber down the stairs. You have to wonder why he didn't at least do away with those cuff links in the first place since he knew very well that those would tie him to the murders. Since the cuff links were just lying in a drawer, those shoes should be found in the closet if they look hard enough.

Now the race will be on to find Tracy before it is too late. Will Paul kill his ex-wife or will he try to make a getaway before he is caught? This will be bad news for Dillon. His dad is a hospital serial killer, and his mom's life hangs in the balance. He thinks that Paul came back to town to try to have a close relationship with his son. That may be partly true, but it sure looks like he came back to take the lives of the people who he feels is responsible for Susan's current state of mind.

Dillon will be devastated when he finds out what has been happening, especially since his dad was responsible for killing Michael's girl, Sabrina Santiago, and also tried to murder Monica at General Hospital. Now Paul has his mother, and she could very well lose her life, too. Everyone will be shocked when they hear the news. Michael may just go after Paul himself when he finds out.

Tracy will most likely have her life spared after all. Celebrity Dirty Laundry had suggested that he could just tie her up and leave her there without hurting her. He is a killer, but he does believe that he is doing it for his daughter. He was in tears when he was visiting with her, and he was disturbed at Sabrina's funeral that he had taken her life leaving a baby boy behind. So, he could have a soft spot for Tracy and decide to let her live after all.

Are you glad that this General Hospital storyline is almost over with? It has been a long time coming and now everyone knows who it is. Do you think the writers did a good job in putting this story together?

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