Tamar Braxton Hits Back After Making Instagram Account Private, ‘I Don’t Have Time’

Tamar Braxton is hitting back after being called out for making her Instagram account private.

Tamar took to Twitter to slam a social media user who asked why people in the public eye make their social media accounts private, to which the Braxton Family Values star hit back just days after she locked, and then unlocked, her account.

Chef Darius Williams, who did not appear to aim his tweet at Braxton, tweeted out on September 28, “If you’re a public figure, or trying to become one, why. Is. Your. Profile. PRIVATE?!?!?”

Tamar then slammed Williams in a message of her own on the social media site, just days after she hit the headlines for making her Instagram account private and seemingly unfollowing friends Toya Wright and Monica on the photo sharing site.

Tamar Braxton Hits Back After Making Instagram Account Private, 'I Don't Have Time'
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“Because you are STILL human and people do too much,” Braxton snapped back in reply. “I’m trying to make it into heaven.. I don’t have time.”

Tamar’s fans were then quick to back her up on the social media site, posting messages of support after Braxton’s Instagram account became unavailable to the public last week.

“Because if she says the sky is blue, someone will try and say she being petty or saying something negative,” Tamar fan @mznettie39 added in response to Braxton’s tweet, while @niamarielife wrote, “the question is, why does his grown a** care?”

Tamar Braxton’s candid response came just days after Braxton was slammed for being “petty” after Fameolous claimed that she unfollowed friends Monica and Toya Wright after both made appearances on the Season 3 premiere week of Tamar’s former talk show The Real.

Shortly after clicking the unfollow button, Tamar made her Instagram account private for around a week, during which time she posted a lengthy message wherein she explained her decision to unfollow her seemingly former friends, addressed recent reports of drama, and denied claims that she made her account private due to allegations of a domestic dispute with husband Vince Herbert.

According to The Jasmine Brand, who recently uploaded a screen shot of Braxton’s now deleted photo, the message came in the caption of a snap that showed Tamar sporting a hospital bracelet from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

“Sites reporting that my Instagram page being private has ANYTHING to do with my marriage can SUCK it,” Tamar wrote in the caption of the hospital bracelet photo. “I mean D**N!! My a** was in the d**n hospital? (if you must know).”

Tamar then revealed why she unfollowed her former friends, seemingly denying that it had anything to do with their appearance on the daytime talk show The Real following Braxton’s dramatic firing earlier this year and instead alleging that it was because the two simply posted too much.

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“Like why does it have to be ‘Houston she has ANOTHER problem’… she’s throwing shade cause WHILE I don’t feel well I don’t want to see certain s*** on my page?” Braxton wrote in part, “but that means I’m petty cause according to you ALL… unfollowing folks means DRAMA!”

“Some people post too d**n much!! And I will and do unfollow they a** cause I don’t feel like seeing your 147,997,886 zillion posts,” continued Tamar in the pretty lengthy post uploaded on September 23. “So I make my page private cause I simply feel like it AND cause y’all think y’all know EVERYTHING!? Hell Jesus even needed a break from his friends (for you unsaved ones… the disciples) by going to the rock to pray to be BY HIM SELF WITH GOD!!”

Tamar’s social media rant came after months of reported drama surrounding the star after she was sensationally let go from The Real back in May, after which Braxton confirmed that she’s no longer speaking to her former co-hosts, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley.

In the months that followed, Braxton repeatedly slammed her former co-hosts, claiming that her former friends were using her name for publicity after blasting them on Instagram for being “phony b*****s.”

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