Kate Gosselin Rumors: ‘Kate Plus 8’ Star Is “Desperate” For Fame, Locks Son In Dog Crate

The latest Kate Gosselin rumors don’t bode well for the star of TLC’s Kate Plus 8. According to the latest Kate Gosselin rumors provided by none other than her ex-boyfriend, Jeff Prescott, despite her PR machine’s best efforts, Kate Gosselin is so desperate for fame that she’ll do anything to remain relevant!

In their latest Kate Gosselin rumors report, Blasting News shows a less-than-savory side of the reality star. According to the site, Prescott said that rather than be a compassionate mother, Kate Gosselin is a money-hungry, fame-driven control freak who cares more about the fate of her show than she does about anything — or anyone — else.

Prescott said that this obsession of Kate’s to maintain the Kate Plus 8 machine extended as far as to staging their first date and trying to get Prescott to marry her… not because she loved him, but because she saw all the free stuff she got as an end result of being on Jon & Kate Plus 8, and she didn’t want the “gravy train” to stop!

Prescott, finally, admitted that he walked away from his relationship with Kate Gosselin because he wanted a relationship with a real woman, not with a reality star who was little more than her brand.

Kate Gosselin Rumors
Kate Gosselin is the subject of pretty unsavory rumors courtesy of her ex-boyfriend, Jeff Prescott. [Image by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

And Radar Online‘s latest Kate Gosselin rumors report does little to dispel these nasty accusations about the reality star. According to them, Kate sent her son, Collin, away for “special needs” treatment because he has extreme anger issues that most likely stem from his mother’s insistence on being a reality star first, and a mother second (or third, depending on who she’s dating at the time). And, of course, her ex-husband Jon is even less of a parent to the children than she is!

A source close to Kate Gosselin exclusively revealed:

“Collin desperately needed a mother and a father. Now, he is resentful, and he blames his mother for everything.”

This same source revealed that while Kate Gosselin was less than an admirable mother to Collin as he was growing up — even admitting to “spanking him repeatedly” to try to get his anger issues under control, which actually had the direct opposite effect — she is “heartbroken” over the way things have turned out for her son. Moreover, it looks like Collin’s sextuplet sister, Hannah, has the same anger issues that he has, and she even went so far as to run away from home to try to escape all of the madness.

So does this bit of news upset Kate Gosselin? Does Kate Gosselin try to temper these rumors with being a better parent, or focusing on her family? Of course not!

According to another Radar Online report, the latest Kate Gosselin rumors are even more shocking: rather than take Collin’s anger issues as a sign that she needs to be a better mother, she’s taken to more extreme measures of parenting, and was actually shown locking her son Aadan in a dog crate!

Kate, of course, tried to pass it off as “innocent,” and even went so far as to post the shocking photo on her Instagram, with the caption, “I asked Aadan to keep Nanuq (the dog) company while I cleaned her area… this is what he did! They played toys and snuggled!”

There’s just one problem: the dog cage is locked from the outside. How could he have climbed in there willingly, and locked the dog cage behind him, by himself? And given that this photo was posted after the news reports about Collin were released to the press, to say that this photo was in bad taste is nothing if not an understatement.

Of course, Kate Gosselin only had one response to these latest rumors: “Full episodes of Kate Plus 8 are returning in January!”

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