September 29, 2016
'American Horror Story' Season 6 Just Got Seriously Crazy [Spoilers]

American Horror Story fans have been confused about exactly what's going on in Season 6. Even if Ryan Murphy had not said so, we'd all have this feeling that there's more to the plot than what we're being told right now. The first two episodes also had some viewers wondering when things would start to move along and when we'd see some of our favorites from prior seasons with Lady Gaga and Evan Peters high on that list. Well, you can't say that the story didn't move along in the third episode of American Horror Story Season 3. It continued with some of the themes we saw during the first two weeks, and the episode had its share of crazy images, but it raised more questions and provided no answers. It did, however, disprove one fan theory. Probably. For now. We think.

Crazy image number one from last night's American Horror Story really consists of three images including pigs. AHS loves pigs this season! We had pig parts mixed in with parts of Flora's doll twice, and two filthy, feral boys lying on the ground feeding from the teats of a pig. Well, actually there was one more image in a crazy scene that included part of a pig. We finally saw American Horror Story favorite Lady Gaga! She seems to be some sort of enchantress. She came to Kathy Bates (The Butcher) and freed her from her Iron Maiden (Coven reference?) in exchange for her soul. Sounds like a good deal, right? She hands Kathy Bates a pig's heart, still beating and bloody, and, of course, Bates eats it.

Crazy image number two from last night's episode of American Horror Story was the burned body of Mason, Lee's ex-husband. He was mounted on some sort of circle/star contraption. This image also created the first situation in which someone is unaccounted for. Later, when Matt sees Lee on a surveillance video leaving the house a few minutes after Mason and return later with plenty of time in between to burn Mason, Lee becomes offended at the suggestion that she killed him. But she doesn't offer an explanation for her whereabouts during the time in question.

Matt said something last night that could be a reference to a prior season. He said that someone was trying to tell them to leave, and they should go stay at a hotel for a while. American Horror Story: Hotel?

And we had a new character last night. Part savior and part con-man, his name is Cricket. He's a psychic who got the Roanoke Butcher to come out of the shadows last night and told Lee that he could lead her to her daughter for the small sum of $25,000. An interesting thing happened in association with Cricket, and another mystery emerged last night. As he left the house, he whispered something to Lee that we later learned was a message from a previous daughter who disappeared named Emily. So this is the second child of Lee's that has disappeared? Hmmm.

They broke the fourth wall last night! The scene from the preview where Lee tells them to stop the camera was associated with the first time we hear the voice of the cameraman. He asked her about Emily. We don't see the cameraman. Some have said his voice sounded like Evan Peters, and others are guessing Cheyenne Jackson.

Then we have the scene where a deal was made with The Butcher and some of the colonists. This scene from last night's American Horror Story raised more questions and gave us a couple more crazy moments. We learn that Matt agreed to leave the house and burn it to the ground in exchange for getting Flora back. Shelby doesn't want to burn it. Why? It's given them nothing but trouble? When they look around for Matt, he isn't there. She goes looking for him. She finds him in a situation no one saw coming, and it was the last truly crazy scene from last night.

Shelby finds Matt naked against a tree having sex with American Horror Story favorite Lady Gaga. (Murder House infidelity throwback?) As if that wasn't crazy enough, several locals are standing around watching, and they are... well, let's just say they're getting some pleasure from it. Yeah. Completely crazy.

When Matt makes his way back to the house later, he doesn't remember it at all. And we have a reference to Murder House. While they're arguing, Shelby tells Matt not to gaslight her, just like Viviene asked Ben if he was gaslighting her in American Horror Story: Murder House.

Wow, you can't say things aren't moving along anymore! But there are more questions now, not fewer. Last night's episode did disprove the theory that the people telling the story might be the actors, though. So cross that one off the list. It seemed to support another theory, however.

Vanity Fair reported on a theory that the first five episodes would tie back to each of the first five seasons of American Horror Story. Thus, the big twist Ryan Murphy promised in the sixth episode. This could be true. Episode one had LOTS of similarities to Murder House. We're still seeing some, but most were in episode one. Episode two had the murderous nurses who, although they were also reminiscent of Murder House, could be a reference to Asylum. Then last night could have been a callback to Coven with the Iron Maiden mask, and Lady Gaga's character, who seems to be a witch of some sort.

This theory would also follow with what could be coming next week. Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that we're going to learn more about the Motts from American Horror Story: Freak Show. Maybe, we'll get that next week. It's also rumored that we'll finally see Evan Peters when the Motts come into the picture as he'll play Dandy Mott. And we had Matt's hotel reference, but maybe that's the following week.

There is crazy stuff going on with American Horror Story. And the fans love it. Yes, Ryan Murphy, you've sucked us in. You've got us. There's no way we're leaving now.

[Featured Image by FX]