Ailee: YMC Entertainment K-Pop Soloist Reported To Make Comeback Next Month, Confirms Release Date And Details

K-pop fans are getting plenty of goodies this season in the form of K-pop act comebacks. Earlier in the season, the popular girl group signed under SM Entertainment, Red Velvet, and made their latest comeback, a mini-album titled Russian Roulette. They were followed up by another popular girl group, this one signed under Plan A Entertainment, Apink, with their comeback, a mini-album titled Pink Revolution. And just recently, Dal Shabet of Happy Face Entertainment released their comeback which is a mini-album titled Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The aforementioned K-pop acts, though from different entertainment companies, do have one thing in common: they are all bands or groups. The next comeback for this season will be done by a K-pop soloist as Ailee of YMC Entertainment reportedly will return this coming month. Ailee also released details about said comeback along with a release date.

YMC Entertainment, VIVID, Ailee
Ailee's new mini-album titled "A New Empire" releases approximately one year after her full-length studio album "VIVID." [Image by YMC Entertainment]

News of Ailee reportedly working on a brand new album has many K-pop fans hyped. According to AllKpop, the last album Ailee worked on was about one year ago with her first full-length studio album titledVIVID. It was a commercial success reaching a peak position of No. 7 on the Gaon Korean Albums chart and No. 6 on the Billboard U.S. World Albums chart, selling over 4,554 hard copies. Its featured song titled “Mind Your Own Business” peaked at No. 6 on the Korean music chart and has over 722,869 downloads too.

Eventually, more details pertaining to Ailee’s upcoming comeback would be revealed thanks to a source from YMC Entertainment, as reported by Soompi. The comeback is an extended play (EP), the fourth one Ailee has released. It will be titled A New Empire and is set to be released on Wednesday, October 5, at 12 midnight KST.

Other details about Ailee’s comeback include collaborations and new album tracks. A song will feature a hip-hop duo with her fellow label mate at YMC Entertainment, Baechigi. If such a pair-up sounds familiar, it is because Ailee and Baechigi worked together on their song “Shower of Tears” previously. Also, Ailee will work with Yoon Mirae on a new song too.

Ailee and YMC Entertainment will hold a mini-album showcase of A New Empire too. It will take place the day before the mini-album releases on Tuesday, October 4, at 4 p.m. KST.

In other news pertaining to Ailee, she has been busy working as a judge on Superstar K 2016, a music competition variety show airing on Mnet. Besides that, Ailee did make a comeback earlier this year with a song titled “If You.” It was a single release only which peaked at No. 1 on the Korean charts. So far, there have been over 397,311 downloads since its release. As for the music video, it has so far received over 3.5 million views since its upload on August 22, 2016. Over 38,000 people have liked it though there is a meager 492 people who disliked it as of the publication of this album.

Ailee also performed two songs for two different K-drama original soundtracks this year too. The first was “Because It’s Love” for the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) series Please Come Back, Mister, the series known as Rain’s comeback which failed thanks to Descendants of the Sun. It peaked at No. 14 on the Korean chart. Finally, Ailee performed “I Can’t Live Without You” while featuring Truedy for the SBS series Ddandara, which was also known as Tantara and Entertainer. It failed to place on the Korean chart, but it could be possible that the K-dramas unpopularity with Korean audiences may be a factor on why the song did not do so well.

There is still over one week left until Ailee releases her upcoming mini-album A New Empire. It is expected within that time more teasers will release including photos and music video promotional clips.

[Featured Image by YMC Entertainment]