September 29, 2016
'Invisible' UFO Caught On Police Helicopter Video: Thermal Imaging Captures Dark Orb, Stuns Cops

An orb-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that was invisible to the naked eye was filmed by a police helicopter this week. The helicopter, flying over the Bristol Channel in Wales, took the footage of the UFO, filming the "hot" object via infrared camera -- all while Welsh air traffic control reported nothing in the area.

The Bristol Post reported this week that a South Wales police (the National Police Air Service at St. Athan) helicopter flying at roughly 1,000 feet over the Bristol Channel at about 9:30 p.m. on Saturday (September 24) picked up a UFO on its thermal imaging cameras, providing the police with a rather strange mystery. Because, simply put, without the aid of the infrared cameras, the UFO would have gone undetected. The helicopter's regular cameras recorded nothing but a clear sky.

But the infrared camera, designed to "see" thermal, or "heat," displays apparently made the invisible visible. It captured a dark, circular object to video.

"It's difficult to judge the size but we filmed it for just over seven minutes," the police posted to its Twitter account, according to the Post. During those seven minutes, police said, the object moved against prevailing winds.

Police were stunned to see the dark image on the helicopter film. Unable to come up with an explanation for the UFO in the video, they asked for suggestions from the public on Twitter.

Among the suggestions as to what the unknown object might be, some felt that it could be a balloon or a Chinese lantern. However, South Wales police ruled out both explanations due to the "amount of heat" of the object and its distinctive movement.

Avid UFO enthusiast and blogger Scott C. Waring, who operates UFO Sightings Daily, reiterated the police's confusion over the heat signature, that the object was moving against the wind and that the UFO was invisible except when viewed via the video from thermal cameras. Waring added, "As I have said many times before, many UFOs have a cloak that can only be seen with an IR [infrared] converted camera..."

Waring went on to speculate that the UFO "probably came from below the water" of the Bristol Channel. He noted that he was "confident" that, had the South Wales police followed the object, "they would see it disappear under the water to return to the alien base it came from."

Underwater UFO bases have become a hot topic among UFO enthusiasts and hunters of late, especially concerning finds made via Google. As the Inquisitr has reported, discoveries like the giant pyramid found off the west coast of Mexico and the enormous linear construct under the waters of the Gulf of California have led to speculation that the images are UFO bases. With the Earth's surface being 71 percent covered by water, it is reasoned that, given that a good deal of the planet's oceans have yet to be explored, there are plenty of places for extraterrestrials to build or place unobtrusive or hidden facilities -- locations from which they can carry on their operations and/or observations of Earth.

UFO hovering over water
Artist's concept of a UFO hovering over a body of water. [Image by NikolayN/Shutterstock]

But that is all speculation. And the UFO in the video filmed by the South Wales police just might have an Earthly origin -- although one that has so far eluded investigators.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), the world's foremost UFO investigatory organization, called in FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared Radiometer) expert David (his last name was withheld to ensure his anonymity) to study the footage. David, who has worked with MUFON in the past, wrote to MUFON that he did not think the object in the video was actually moving, that it only seemed to be doing so because of the momentum of the helicopter itself. He noted that the object also appeared to be a mile or two from the police helicopter.

But as to what the UFO might be, David was unsure. "Things I can immediate dismiss: types of balloons, bird, aircraft," he said. "I wouldn't totally dismiss a drone out yet, but it would be very large, hot, and circular in appearance."

And so, South Wales police still have a mystery on their hands. At the same time, with at least one expert holding the opinion that the object in the video is stationary, there might not even be a UFO sighting to investigate. (More like an Unidentified Stationary Object, a USO, sighting.)

Regardless, something was emitting heat and was detected above Bristol Channel Saturday, and police have the UFO -- or USO -- video to prove it.

[Featured Image by Maksym Darakchi/Shutterstock]