‘Here They Lie’ For PS4 Headset: This Could Be A Sign That Virtual Reality Is Horror’s Best Friend [Video]

Here They Lie is set to hit the PS4 headset on October 13, and could open up the ultimate genre for virtual reality gaming. While not the first horror game being developed for the PlayStation VR headset, it certainly helps show off the potential for probably the best gaming experience ever made for horror fans.

Horror games are known for their creepy visuals and sounds, but the feeling of disconnect when you look away from the screen can break that experience. Even the best of horror games, like the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series, and the recent release Until Dawn, share this same problem with the standard console and TV setup. BioShock might have clued developers in about how to sell horror the best way.

Here They Lie for the PS4 headset, like BioShock, might immerse the gamer entirely in the experience. You can’t look away without taking it off your head, and horror fans may consider it the best form of horror short of reading a horror novel in a dimly lit room with no sounds save perhaps a dripping faucet. BioShock put the camera behind the main character’s eyes, as deranged and drug-riddled survivors of an underwater facility leaped and attacked as soon as they saw you. Here They Lie appears to be following the same idea, but going further into terror and possibly taking away your weapons.

Silent Hills, a game which never saw the light of day due to drama at Konami, also used this first-person perspective to its maximum effect as you wandered a creepily empty hallway and its bathroom. Its demo, P.T., had become one of the most missed in PS4 history.

The PC title Slender followed the same concept, and it’s considered one of the scariest games of all time.

Put those visuals inches from your eyes, and the sounds right against your ears, and you’re only the feel of gore splashing in your face away from feeling like you’re actually there. Here They Lie for the PS4 headset could easily be a surprise hit this Halloween for that reason, and Sony’s VR headset could end up being one of the most sought-after peripherals for fans of horror gaming.

The Here They Lie PS4 headset title appears to be set in a nightmarish world where creepy creatures stalk you from just out of sight. The other-world style logic in the game adds to the feeling that you never know what will happen next, making it unpredictable and even more terrifying. Add to it an occasional warping effect and the game might need an extra disclaimer to warn gamers of the risk of heart attack or stroke. The game could end up being an even better haunted house than most real-world equivalents.

The narrator in the trailer for Here They Lie on the PS4 headset talks about a world where nightmares are a little too real.

“There’s a quiet … and if you remember your own heart beating, your own body quivering, how many different ways are there to … lose yourself? Everything runs downhill here. If you go deep enough, the city forgets it’s a city. It all feels so alive, so vibrant, but what does it mean? What is it for? I waited on the platform for the train to take me home, but it never came. Sometimes the darkness is there for a reason.”

The incredibly creepy-looking Here They Lie for the PS4 headset is a launch title hitting on October 13, and in disc form on November 2.

[Feature image via Tangentlemen]