Conor McGregor Is On UFC 205 Fight Card: Plans To Earn $40 Million This Year

UFC featherwight champion Conor McGregor does not shy away from showing off what his MMA career has given him.

The Irishman’s Instagram account is a testament to the riches he earns from fighting in some of the most commercially successful matches. In an interview on Monday, McGregor noted that the cars and the parties are likely to continue as the fighter announced he will likely rack up $40 million in earnings in 2016.

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McGregor is about to embark on a journey with Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205. The fight, which will happen at Madison Square Garden, will be McGregor’s third UFC event of the year.

The first fight, UFC 196, took place in March. In his first showing, he lost to Nate Diaz. McGregor and Diaz were paired up again at UFC 202, and McGregor avenged his loss to Diaz earlier in the year.

McGregor’s matchup with Alvarez in November will be a class of personalities as well as a clash of strength. While McGregor sells his expensive lifestyle on social media and brags about his earnings in the press, Alvarez fosters a different persona. Alvarez, who is from Philadelphia, does not suggest that he lives lavishly by any means. He also presents himself as a dedicated family man.

The November matchup is likely to be the most lucrative appearance of Alvarez’s career.

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McGregor threw his money in Alvarez’s face in a news conference for UFC 205. He characterized Alvarez as being desperate and trying to make it. The Irish fighter also noted that Alvarez failed to secure more money for this showing than his last fight.

In this fight, the featherweight champion, McGregor, will go for his second UFC title. In the press conference, he told the audience and his opponent that he had nothing against Alvarez, but that he intends to be the champion.

On Alvarez’s physical features leading to his demise, McGregor said, “He’s chinny – he has no chin. He gets cracked, he gets dropped. It’s happened throughout his career. He’s a weathered fighter. He’s on his way out. He’s very, very lucky to be in the position he’s in. one round it will take me to knock him out.”

The UFC 205 comes only a few months after McGregor’s last UFC fight. Skeptics are concerned that the match-up will not be as explosive as previous fights. However, McGregor told the press that he was prepared for a quick turnaround. He also said that he “came out of that fight fresher than I came in.”

Diaz took serious hits to the face in the August fight. Meanwhile, McGregor claims he “came out brand new” with only a bruised foot.

Still, McGregor does not predict a first round knockout in many UFC fights. When he does, the promise is often kept. However, McGregor also said that he is willing to fight Alvarez until the last moment to secure his second championship.

“He’s going to be shooting, panicked, and I’m going to be hitting him from everywhere. Sooner or later he’s going to fall. One of those elbows, one of those shots is going to dig into that soft, sweet spot on the temple and that’s all she wrote. Two-weight world champion. UFC history. New York. The Irish are back,” McGregor said.

Tickets for the November 12 fight go on sale on September 30, and prices start at $106 before jumping to $250, $450, $600, $800, and $1,000 a ticket. Those hoping for cageside seats can expect to pay $1,506 for a ticket. The fight will also be shown on pay-per-view.

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