Ariana Grande Blasted As ‘Rude’ For Dodging Mac Miller Dating Questions

Ariana Grande is being called out as “rude” for shutting down talk about her dating life with boyfriend Mac Miller.

After Ariana repeatedly shut down questions about her dating life in a number recent interviews, some social media users are now putting Grande on blast over the way she’s handling being asked about her private life and her relationship with Mac.

According to Maximum Pop, much of the drama stemmed from Grande’s recent interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, in which Ariana shut down the former American Idol host after he asked about a steamy photo of the “Side To Side” singer and Miller that she posted on her official Instagram account earlier this month.

Mashable reported that Grande totally slammed Seacrest for probing her about dating Mac during the radio interview, after which some social media users claimed Ariana was being unnecessarily “rude” after being asked the dating question.

“I saw you confirmed your relationship with Mac Miller on Instagram,” Ryan said to Ariana on the radio show, to which Grande hit back, “Oh is that what I did? Is that what Instagram means to you now? Alright world, let’s go.”

Ryan then quizzed Ariana further on the current state of her relationship with Mac, to which an unimpressed Grande hit back, “If I post something, that’s what I’m willing to share at the moment.”

“That doesn’t mean then you, Ryan Seacrest, with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information,” Ariana added of her relationship with Miller.

Ariana Grande Blasted As 'Rude' For Dodging Mac Miller Dating Questions
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Some fans then flocked to social media to call out Grande for her slightly standoffish remarks on Seacrest’s radio show, claiming that Ariana was “rude” in the way she put Seacrest on blast for asking about Mac and her personal life.

“[Ariana] I love you to bits but as a celeb you’re obviously gonna get asked questions about the pics you post. No need to be rude,” Twitter user @anyahan_ tweeted to Grande, while @erikjohnpeters1 told Ariana, “Ariana, u were completely rude to Ryan Seacrest. U post a pic with a dude in top of u, he has every right to ask u about it.”

“Who else heard how utterly rude & b****y [Ariana Grande] was to [Ryan Seacrest] when he asked about something she made public?” @AdamMuller7 added, claiming that Grande acted “so d***n entitled” in the interview.

Ariana Grande Blasted As 'Rude' For Dodging Mac Miller Dating Questions
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Notably, the drama surrounding Ariana’s reluctance to spill the beans on her dating life comes just days after fans resurfaced an interview from earlier this year in which Grande shut down a KISS FM journalist who asked girl band Fifth Harmony about their dating lives.

In the interview, which is thought to have been conducted back in May, Ariana took serious aim at an interviewer for probing the “Work From Home” singers about who they’re dating and even went as far as to call the journalist a “bad interviewer” for asking such a personal question.

“You were asking Fifth Harmony at the time if they had boyfriends,” Ariana hit back at the interviewer in the interview that was re-uploaded to Twitter by @PopCravePolls on September 26. “Can’t you just let them sing?”


Grande then continued to scold the interviewer over his dating question aimed at Fifth Harmony, hitting back, “You’ve always got to tie a woman to a man,” just months before she slammed Ryan for asking about Mac Miller.

Ariana continued to scold the interviewer during the candid backstage chat, turning to his colleague who noted that he “wasn’t a bad person” for asking Fifth Harmony the dating question and remarking, “he’s not a bad person just a bad interviewer.”

What do you think of Ariana Grande’s fans calling her out as “rude” and “b****y” for shutting down questions about her dating life with boyfriend Mac Miller?

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