Three Found Dead In California, Teenage Daughter And 2 Friends In Custody

Frank Felix, 25, Josh Acosta, 21, and Katlynn Yost, 17, have been arrested for the murders of three people in Fullerton, California, KTLA News is reporting.


Police identified the bodies of Christopher Yost, 34, Jennifer Yost, 39, and Arthur Boucher, 28, after receiving a call from a distressed child that “her parents had died,” Saturday. Police recovered two children, ages six and nine from the house and they are currently staying with relatives. The third child, Katlynn, was declared missing.

Officers had arrested the men Sunday morning for the triple homicide and found the teen who was declared missing Saturday. According to police reports, the suspects knew the family. Jennifer Yost was Katlynn’s biological mother while Christopher Yost was her stepfather. Boucher was a family friend who occasionally stayed with the family.

According to a Daily Mail report, the two men charged with killing the California couple and their friend became friendly with Katlynn Yost after attending the same “furrie” events.

The Furry Fandom as it is called is a science fiction and fantasy community of people who have an affinity for animals with human characteristics like Mickey Mouse, Danger Mouse, and Bugs Bunny. Other fans prefer to take it much deeper by bonding with animals with spiritual or cultural connections.


A friend, Melinda Giles, said she had run into Jennifer and her daughter at a gathering of “furries” last year. She said she had seen the two men accused of murder at the gathering and later met them at the Yost’s residence. Giles claimed that Jennifer Yost, a few weeks before she was killed, had told Frank Felix to stop seeing her daughter.

“To protect her daughter, Chris and Jenn were like, ‘We don’t want you to be friends with our daughter anymore.”’

Melinda Giles described Christopher Yost as a quiet and friendly family man who loved cars and had a day job crafting trophies. Jennifer was a stay-at-home-mom who stuffed animals and designed jewelry in her spare time. Melinda Giles said the couple were courteous and had helped her move into her new house.

“It is really sad because they didn’t deserve that. Those little girls didn’t deserve to wake up to dead parents.”

Felix and Acosta have been charged with three counts of murder. It was recently revealed that 21-year-old Acosta was an active US Army soldier, a private first class stationed at Fort Irwin in California. Police have not disclosed how the Yost’s and their friend were killed.

Their deaths sent shock waves through the neighborhood, with friends leaving condolences and candles in front of their home. Jennifer Yost, who was a shining light in the Furry community, has been hailed as the one who made many others feel at home in the community.


Katlynn Yost on her social media pages is known as the “Daydreamer” with many pictures showing her in a gray-fox costume. The 17-year-old teen is custody also facing murder charges. She was confirmed to be in a relationship with Frank Felix. An unconfirmed story has it that Katlynn convinced Frank to help her commit murder and was never an innocent part of the tragedy as she was always resentful towards her mother and deemed mentally unstable.

Relatives have set up a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral costs and support the two recently orphaned children. A woman, Amy Rutherford, who recently made a donation, said it was a painful thing to lose both parents.

Frank Felix and Josh Acosta are currently being held at the Orange County Men’s Central jail on a $1 million bail. Felix’s dad is still in a state of shock that his son is being held behind bars on murder charges. He called his son a “good kid” who worked two jobs and lived in Sun Valley, California.

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