Remembering Steve Jobs One Year Later

Steve Jobs passed away exactly one year ago, but the impact he left on his company, the tech industry, and his fans remains. Some even argue that, because the technology Apple has come out with recently still has innovations inspired by Jobs.

PC Magazine notes that it will probably be another six months before we see anything that wasn’t influenced by the late Apple co-founder. Before you go and say that Maps wasn’t something he created, think again.

Along with the flawed Maps app, Jobs was also behind the G4 Cube, the Motorola ROKR, the doomed Ping social network, and the troubled iPhone 4 antennas. But despite this, Jobs was also an innovator, with his iPhone 5 breaking all previous iPhone launch records.

Along with news about his company on the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, several people have reflected on the man who helped create the tech giant. The Washington Post reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook paid tribute to the late Apple genius on Friday, writing:

“Our values originated from Steve and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future.”

The company’s corporate structure has also shifted since Jobs passed away last year. Unlike his predecessor, Tim Cook doesn’t take up all the limelight. There are still similarities, however, like Apple’s notorious secrecy. While there have been leaks on products, like the iPhone 5, there were leaks in the Jobs era with the iPhone 4.

It appears that Steve Jobs’ death has not harmed the company he worked hard to help build; the company’s products continue to become more innovated, while the co-founder’s memory lives on.