‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Meredith & Riggs Romance Really Over, Alex Relationship Next?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 kicked off with a big episode last week and fans are ready for more. In the season premiere, fans watched as Meredith told Riggs that she didn’t have any feelings for him and ended their secret romance, but is it over for good?

According to Celebuzz, Meredith is serious about ending the fling with Riggs. Grey’s Anatomy fans know that Meredith’s sister, Maggie, is also interested in the hunky doctor who first debuted in Season 12, and the love triangle could be a big obstacle in their relationship. Although Riggs and Maggie don’t know about the awkward love triangle, Meredith has personally vowed to herself not to hurt her sister again.

In the Season 13 premiere, Maggie reveals she’s upset with Meredith for knowing that Alex was responsible for DeLuca’s beating. Maggie couldn’t believe that Meredith would lie to her about the situation, saying that being her sister means more to her than that. The two women talked out their issues and promised to never lie to each other. Moments later, Riggs showed up at Meredith’s door. Meredith was then forced to tell him she had no feelings for him and that their hot hookup sessions are over. Of course, it seems that Meredith lied to Riggs about her feelings to protect her sister, Maggie. Actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy, recently weighed in on her character’s situation.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers: Meredith and Maggie's complicated secret.
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“She really can’t betray her sister again, because the whole premiere episode about Alex being the one who beats up DeLuca is a betrayal because Meredith did not confide to Maggie that she knew who did it.”

Does this mean that the romance is really over? Riggs will likely try to break down Meredith’s walls. However, Meredith is a very busy woman. In addition to her high profile medical career, she’s also a single mother of three children. Meredith is still grieving the loss of her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd, and is now dealing with her best friend Alex’s legal drama.

In the Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 premiere, Alex misunderstood a situation between his girlfriend, Jo, and Dr. DeLuca. Alex, already frustrated with the way his relationship with Jo was going, took out that frustration on DeLuca by beating him within an inch of his life. Thankfully, DeLuca made it through surgery and is recovering. However, Alex was forced to turn himself in to the police and was arrested. Alex is now not only facing prison time, but he’s also looking at losing his medical license and his job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith and Alex relationship in season 13?
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Meredith’s decision to step away from her relationship with Riggs, paired with the fact that she’ll likely be Alex’s shoulder to lean on, has led fans to believe Meredith will end up with Alex when all is said and done. Although they’ve been friends for years and are the only two remaining doctors from their intern class, fans have been pushing for a Meredith and Alex romance since Derek died in Season 11. Could Season 13 be the year when Grey’s Anatomy fans get what they’ve been waiting for?

Meanwhile, the only other couple facing more drama than Meredith and Riggs seems to be April and Jackson. The fan favorite couple will be learning to live life as divorced parents to their brand new baby girl, whom they’ve named Harriet Kepner-Avery. While the former couple has been separated for the better part of two seasons, Grey’s Anatomy viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that this will be the season the characters will finally get back together.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 spoilers? Do you want to see Meredith with Riggs or Alex?

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