Tamra Judge’s Breakdown In Ireland Signals End Of Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson

Tamra Judge decided to give Vicki Gunvalson a second chance when it came to their friendship earlier this year. Tamra and Vicki had been friends for a long time and Tamra questioned whether her friend would really cover for a man, who was lying about having cancer. Gunvalson has repeatedly revealed that Brooks Ayers fooled her as well and that she was a victim. She claims she has no proof whether he did or didn’t lie about having cancer. But now, Tamra may be regretting that decision as something happens when the ladies are in Ireland later this season.

According to a new tweet, Tamra Judge is now justifying why she felt it was necessary to yell at Vicki Gunvalson during the trip, which resulted in her breaking down and crying in Shannon Beador’s arms. The preview for the rest of the season looks dramatic and Tamra is now revealing that the screaming match was the final goodbye to Vicki, as she’s ending their friendship. Sadly, not everyone is on Judge’s side in this argument.

“Vicki I’m on your side. Tamra really looks out on control screaming in your face,” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson, to which Tamra Judge replied, “oh just wait you might change your mind.”

“It was pretty loud. That was my good bye FU to VG,” Tamra later added to the conversation.

The preview didn’t reveal what the fight was about, but Tamra Judge has revealed that Vicki says and does things to her later this season that makes her question their entire friendship. A few months ago, Judge did a few interviews and she revealed that Gunvalson has completely betrayed her and she would never talk to her again. During those interviews, Judge never revealed what Vicki had done, but it is clearly enough to them to never be friends again.


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“That close up scream!!!!” one person shared, which caused Tamra Judge to add, “that doesn’t happen until the end of the season #shescrewdmeagain.”

It’s interesting that Judge claims that Gunvalson screwed her over again. She may be referring to the cancer scandal the first time she felt betrayed, as she felt that she was defending Vicki when everyone else was against her. Maybe Tamra Judge was hoping that Vicki would be open and honest with her, even though it didn’t happen. But it sounds like this screaming match in Ireland is enough for them to end their friendship.

“Is this fight/revelation y u r no longer friends? Don’t Gv Vicki anymore chances! Throw the trash out!,” one person asked Tamra, who didn’t reply, but she did reveal in a previous tweet that this was her final goodbye to Vicki.

Gunvalson hasn’t said anything about the screaming match that was first shown on Bravo as a season teaser for what’s to come. Even though she’s on the receiving end of the screaming, many people know that Vicki has said and done things this season and previous seasons that seem completely unnecessary. She’s said that Meghan King Edmonds’ marriage won’t last five years, she’s said that Shannon Beador’s husband was happier when he was with his mistress, and she’s made comments about Tamra Judge’s custody case over her oldest daughter, Sidney. While Gunvalson may have said something about Tamra’s daughter, one can imagine it is serious since she’s possibly losing a friend over it. Judge doesn’t seem eager to listen to an explanation these days.

What do you think Vicki will say or do to push Tamra Judge over the edge? Do you think it has something to do with Tamra’s children?

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