‘John Wick 2’ Release Date Will See The Dog Still Alive, According To Photo

The John Wick 2 release date has been set for early 2017, and an early photo reveals something which is both relieving and confusing. Fans of “the man you hire to kill the boogieman” will remember that the first film had Wick (Keanu Reeves) on a mission to take out the one responsible for the murder of his dog.

It seems Wick knows an amazing veterinarian since the dog is seen in a photo from the sequel walking with him down Brooklyn Bridge. No details have been given about the circumstances surrounding the dog’s miraculous recovery, but it appears that the pitbull is as hard to kill as his owner.

The bond appears to be a strong one, as the pitbull isn’t even on a leash. The John Wick 2 release date won’t have Wick’s mood any brighter than before though, as the photo has him still looking really upset and out for blood.

It is arguable that the character of John Wick was the role which showed us Keanu has surprising acting range, as most of his roles often leave him acting like he could be easily replaced by anyone. After Bill and Ted and Point Break, it seemed Reeves couldn’t break out of his “California surfer” mode. Even The Matrix made him famous for a single word in the first film. John Wick gave him more of a somber mood with a massive side of rage.

It’s unknown if John Wick 2‘s release date will have him out of retirement for good since he’d attempted to retire in the first film and it didn’t take. After his wife died and left him his pitbull, who itself was shot all because Wick refused to sell his car to the son of a mob boss, he temporarily returned. He had to avenge the one thing he had left after so much loss, and to do that, he had to be a hit man one more time.

The photo released shows Wick in what appears to be a soiled casual shirt and slacks, with the same unshaven look from before. This could mean the photo is part of a flashback, or he’s attempting to retire once more.

Coming Soon says that the main antagonist for the John Wick 2 release date will be Common. Common is a rapper who broke into acting like many of his predecessors such as Ice-T, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg, and gained much of his fame from Now You See Me, Smokin’ Aces, and the hit AMC series Hell on Wheels. He has also had minor roles in films like Wanted and Suicide Squad. His ability to play a villain really shined in Hell on Wheels toward the end of his role, a bear attack making him snap and turn on his former friend.

More may be revealed about the John Wick 2 release date when the film hits New York Comic-Con on October 8, sharing the spotlight with the new Power Rangers.

Much like this year’s early hit Deadpool, John Wick was a surprisingly successful film, and the people behind it are returning for the sequel set to hit theaters on February 10.

The question remains whether the photo released from the film proves that like Wick, his dog is also hard to kill, or if it’s a flashback scene. We will all find out next year when the John Wick 2 release date hits.

[Featured Image via Lionsgate]