CBS Leaks ‘Survivor’ 33 Spoilers: Medical Evac And Who Is Going to Tribal Council Tonight? [VIDEO]

Last week was a good week for Survivor fans, as Survivor 33 took off in Fiji with a new season that promises to be more exciting than ever. This year, Survivor‘s theme is the battle of the generations. Going into tonight’s episode, we are hearing word of a possible CBS leak that may hint to which generation is heading to Tribal Council tonight, and an emergency medical evacuation as one of the survivors reportedly suffers a heart attack.

This season, Survivor fans young and old will be on the edge of their seats to see which generation can outwit, outplay, and outlast the other. Last week, the new castaways arrived on the island of Fiji and were immediately separated by age. It’s the Millennials versus Gen X this year to see which generation will be the sole Survivor, a concept Mashable says was sparked by the millennial favored political candidate Bernie Sanders.

The premise behind this season is that both generations operate from very different mindsets, and as such, will play the game entirely differently. Does different mean better? That all depends on which generation you’re asking, and they are equally competitive.


In Episode 1 of the Millennials versus Gen Xers, the Gen Xers known as the Takali tribe frequently complained about the Millennials known as the Vanua tribe. The Takali tribe says they are superior to the Millennials, as they bring more life experience to the table and have more advantages in the game of Survivor.

They also claimed in the first episode that the Millennials don’t know how to win or compete like they do. They say the millennials were brought up in an era where participation trophies were awarded at competitions for just showing up.

Official professions of the Millennials included jobs such as snowboard instructing and missionary work. Whereas in the Gen Xers group, there are lawyers, district attorneys, and an asset manager.


On the other hand, the Millennials consider themselves to look at life and problems a different way, a way that analyzes life from the cognitive perspective of having grown up in the digital age. They believe they may have an edge on strategy because of it.

And they may be right. Last week on Survivor it was the Gen Xers that headed to Tribal Council. After much debate and controversy, 37-year-old author and recruiting director Rachel Ako from Los Angeles was sent packing after a stunning Tribal Council with a split vote that shocked all members of the Takali tribe.

Or, at least it appeared to. Rachel Ako spoke with CBS after her departure from the show and said she actually wasn’t shocked at all to have been the first one voted out. She says she knew her tribe was trying to blindside her, but she saw it coming.

As to why she was voted out, her thoughts range. She suggested to CBS that she thinks it’s because she had a little bit of both tribes in her, the Millennial and the Gen X mentality saying, she wasn’t “pure, pure Gen X mentality.” She says this put her at a disadvantage from the beginning.

Rachel also shared with CBS her reaction to the intense storm that blew into the Survivor camps last week. As The Inquisitr previously reported, for the first time in 32 seasons, all Survivor castaways were evacuated from the island after inclement weather hit the island and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Zena. Prior to evacuation, the castaways on both tribes slept on leaves overnight through the storm.


But the evacuation didn’t happen until after the castaways had already weathered one night through the storm. Rachel Ako told CBS that it was “scary” and that she really “thought I was going to die.”

“When they evacuated us, you know, Jeff comes in looking perfect, as per usual, and tells us that we’re evacuating, then he leaves, unscathed.”

Even so, Rachel says she’s glad for the experience of being on Survivor, and says it brought her and her dad closer together as he has been a super fan of the show “since Day 1.” She also says that she’s rooting for the Millennials now, since the Gen Xers voted her out.

Tonight’s episode is called “Love Goggles” and promises to be even more intense than last week’s episode with a different storm of its own. Last week’s previews for tonight’s episode showed a medical emergency is on the horizon for one of the castaways. Gossip & Gab reports they have examined the previews, and based on an item of clothing seen in the shot, they believe a survivor will be medically evacuated for a heart attack on tonight’s episode.

Gossip & Gab reports that they believe the Survivor that will be evacuated due to heart attack will be 52-year-old Paul Wachter, a mechanic from Florida, who is currently a castaway on the Gen X Takali tribe.

Meanwhile, Survivor Fandom has announced that CBS has released a trailer for tonight’s episode that might reveal an accidental leak from CBS. As it stands right now, we do not know which tribe will be heading to Tribal Council tomorrow night to vote off a castaway. This video could provide a clue, and Survivor Fandom believes CBS has leaked some information in this trailer.

Can you see it? In the video shown here, a castaway “reflects before Tribal Council.” This could be a leak from CBS indicating which generation wins immunity this week, and which one will be heading off to vote out one of their own in Wednesday night’s episode.

What tribe are you going for on Season 33 of Survivor?

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