WWE Rumors: TJ Perkins Backstage Heat Because Of Homelessness

WWE rumors swirl just about every day, and sometimes, the stories make you scratch your head. TJ Perkins, one of the newest stars in World Wrestling Entertainment, already has backstage heat on himself, as reported by Wrestling Inc. The reason for the dissension is because he talks about being homeless at one point in his life.

In years past, a guy like TJ Perkins would have very little chance of being signed by WWE. If he did somehow manage to get picked up, he would be stuck in developmental forever. However, with the way things are in World Wrestling Entertainment nowadays, Perkins finds himself on the Raw brand.

The cruiserweight division used to be one of the hottest things in professional wrestling. It was the gimmick that helped Eric Bischoff and WCW catch up to WWE. By combining fast paced wrestling with an interesting nWo storyline, World Championship Wrestling drew in World Wrestling Entertainment fans.


With Triple H having more say in how WWE operates, the cruiserweight division was something that was brought back by the company. It might not be the same as it used to be, but World Wrestling Entertainment wanted to give things another chance, which is why guys like TJ Perkins can be featured on the biggest sports entertainment promotion in the world.

In order to make TJ Perkins more likable to the WWE audience, management decided to allow the Los Angeles native to tell people how hard he has tried to make it in the business.

TJ Perkins started training at the age of 13. He found a Lucha Libre school in Los Angeles that was willing to teach him the business at such a young age. Perkins followed in the footsteps of Rey Mysterio, who started at a very young age because he knew professional wrestling was his future.

WWE star Brian Kendrick
Brian Kendrick [Image via WWE]

With the way that the industry has changed, performers simply need to figure a way to get noticed by WWE and signed to a developmental contract if they want to make it to the biggest stages in the business.

It was a bit more difficult to break through back in the old days. Performers like Mick Foley used to sleep in his car after driving hundreds of miles while barely making enough money to pay for gas. That was what wrestlers had to put up with because the business was so spread out.

Though the industry has changed a bit, it is still difficult for performers to find their way to the main roster in WWE. Even if they become a mainstay in NXT, there is still a good chance that they never make it to the big stage in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Samoa Joe is one of the best performers in the world. Aside from taking over the top spot in TNA, he has proven that he is talented enough to dominate anywhere. However, in WWE, he is considered just someone that belongs in NXT, with a spot on the main roster seemingly so far away.

TJ Perkins did not accomplish nearly as much in TNA as Samoa Joe did. However, he has somehow managed to be pushed higher in WWE than his counterpart, a former world heavyweight champion. Of course, the face in professional wrestling is not always fair.

There is going to be plenty of people who complain about TJ Perkins using his homelessness status to help himself become a bigger star in WWE. However, many of them would gladly use the same gimmick to put themselves over in WWE.

[Image via WWE]