‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: Showrunners Promise No Naps For Houseguests, Live Move-In, And Back To Basics for ‘BBOTT’

It’s time for Big Brother’s biggest experiment to date — the CBS All Access digital version of the reality series. The show won’t air on CBS television; instead, it will be available on the paid application CBS All Access. For as little as 20 cents a day, you can enjoy another ten weeks of America’s favorite summer reality series. The Big Brother showrunners believe the series will be an instant hit, and they explained key reasons that the digital version will differ from the summer edition.

At first, the Big Brother showrunners weren’t sure if the digital version would do as well as the summer edition, The Hollywood Reporter stated. They worried about putting the shows essentially back to back. Then, CBS All Access presented key reasons BBOTT was different than the summer edition — from there, Big Brother executives were on board with the project.

“We had to come up with ways to encourage people to watch and log on so we came up with the weekly schedule idea where we have all these weekly events. People can go to CBSAll Access and watch every day. There’s at least two or three things going on. And there will be lots of fun and interactive elements for people. Some are already released. We know now that America will be choosing the winner. We know that they’re going to choose the 13th castmember. But they’re also going to play a role in nominations. They will play a role in the eviction and they will play a role in the twists that roll out this fall. There’s going to be lots of interactivity for fans. “

Big Brother showrunners revealed that America will see the houseguests’ move- in on Wednesday, September 28, live. They will select the 13th houseguest by voting online. They promised less downtime for the players, which means a much more exciting season for the fans to watch. The competition will be less extravagant, and they “are going back to basics,” but the viewers can expect to see Zingbot and OTEV, like in the CBS broadcast version.

” This is a live event. It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The edited portions will be more recaps on a daily basis and a weekly show that will be familiar to people who have seen the broadcast version. But this is really about a live event. We felt that it was different and really added to what Big Brother is.”

Big Brother’s executive producer explained that they wanted to make the digital and summer editions different in how the winner was chosen. They decided to keep the jury for the summer and for the digital to make it more interactive by allowing America to vote for the winner.

“The jury is a staple for the summer show and we thought that this would be an interesting experiment that obviously hasn’t been tried here in the U.S. since the beginning,” Allison explained. If Big Brother: Over the Top is a success, they will have two very different versions of the show.

The Big Brother house had a “small transformation.” They had about four days to clean and flip the house for the new houseguests, so it will be a slightly different look.

” A couple of the rooms will be the same with maybe some subtle changes. The ‘Have Not’ room will change a bit. It was a challenge to get in there and do as much as we possibly could with only three or four days knowing that normally when we turn the house around.”

The Big Brother showrunners insist that the show will roll out live for the fans to see, from move-in day to nominations to competition, Yahoo TV reports. There will be real 24-hour access to the reality show, giving subscribers an instant way to impact the game. They will have curfews in effect to keep the houseguests awake, called “waking hours.” If the digital version is a success, the showrunners reveal that it will be a regular fall show; maybe even more often.

Big Brother fans, are you planning to watch the digital version of the reality TV series? Do you think it will be as popular as the broadcast version? Who will be the 13th houseguest, Jozea Flores or Jason Roy?

[Feature Image Via CBS All Acess]