‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 841: Sanji Confronts His Vinsmoke Family For All The Tortures He Was Subjected To While Growing Up? [Spoilers]

The upcoming chapter 841 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece promises to be an explosive one as Sanji learns more about his past and tries to take charge of his present and future by confronting his bullying family.

Warning: One Piece Chapter 840 spoilers and 841 predictions are ahead

In the past chapter it became amply clear just how villainous and vile the Vinsmoke clan is. While Sanji shuddered at the very sight of his brothers Niji and Yonji, it is their father, who is more villainous. Sanji had managed to momentarily save Chef Cosette, but she ended up dead. Sanji may have been led to believe by Yonji that it was Niji who killed the chef. It is quite possible it was Judge Vinsmoke.

There are several indicators to prove the Vinsmoke family had always been against Sanji as he was perceived as a weakling and a failure, all because he showed empathy towards others’ suffering. He is considered as a polar opposite of his stronger and much more evil siblings. According to The Bitbag, Vinsmokes hated Sanji so much, they had him locked away. It is not known for how long Sanji was trapped or how he managed to escape. Fans hope the upcoming Chapter 841 of One Piece sheds more light on Sanji’s painful and tumultuous past.

One Piece Chapter 840 revealed Sanji’s upbringing and it immediately became clear he did not have a happy or loving childhood. It is believed there were a lot of expectations from Sanji and his siblings, but it was only Sanji who did not manage to meet them. All the five siblings had to endure a very tough training schedule.

Unfortunately, it was Sanji who failed each time. Sanji was reported as a “failure,” who would always be a “normal, regular human being.” Fans of One Piece believe these statements indicate Sanji and his brothers and sister are the result of advanced science projects. After all, Judge Vinsmoke and Vegapunk had jointly discovered the blueprints to life itself.

After Vegapunk was captured by the World Government, Judge continued his research and has nearly perfected his “Germa 66” army that consists of cloned soldiers. What’s worrying is that Judge Vinsmoke had once told his children that they were, “the result of the most advanced, progressive, scientific breakthrough and genetic engineering.” He even added that they possessed skills and abilities that, “didn’t have boundaries.” While there has been no confirmation yet, it is quite likely Judge was readying his children to command his army of cyborgs.

Unfortunately for Sanji, he was considered weak and unworthy because he failed the tests and hence the Vinsmoke family devised cruel types of punishment. Niji’s outburst on Chef Cosette is one of the ways Sanji was constantly humiliated in front of his family and peers.

With so many years filled with entrapment, physical torture, and verbal abuse, it is only natural to assume Sanji has some deep physical and emotional scars, which might influence his behavior in the upcoming chapters and possibly affect or even disrupt his upcoming wedding with Big Mom’s daughter Pudding.

Interestingly, through the entire emotional and physical trauma, Sanji had a sole confidant in the form of his sister. As shrewdly pointed out by numerous fans on Reddit, Sanji’s sister does have a soft spot for her brother, but can only offer a little support and nothing more. However, she has helped him in numerous occasions and it is quite likely she will offer her assistance in the future too.

Now that the Vinsmoke family has arrived at the Whole Cake Island, it is inevitable Sanji will have to interact with his brothers and father. Could the pressure of the impending nuptials, which Sanji is clearly against, cause Sanji to confront his evil family that wants the wedding to go through at all cost?

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