‘Pokemon Sun’ And ‘Moon’: Which Mega Evolutions Will We Be Seeing?

Pokemon X and Y introduced the game mechanic of mega evolution and they, along with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, introduced a slew of new mega evolutions for existing Pokemon. Now that the November 18 release of Pokemon Sun and Moon is nearing, and especially after some recent news on the subject, Pokemon fans are speculating whether that trend will continue in the new generation of Pokemon main series games or be kept to a gen six feature.

Fans who are following the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train will know that, although a huge variety of new Pokemon and features have been announced for the new titles, mega Pokemon have not even been mentioned. That is in stark contrast to the pre-release hype trains for X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, all of which steadily introduced the new mega evolutions in the months leading up to the game’s debut. That leads players to believe that maybe no megas are being introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Not only that, but the space filled by mega Pokemon in the sixth generation games seems to be filled with Alola forms and Z-moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Megas were basically alternate forms of existing Pokemon with more powerful stats or capabilities. Well, the two mechanics just mentioned, Alola forms and Z-moves, account for exactly those same two things.

It would make a lot of sense from a moderation standpoint for Gamefreak, the company in charge of developing the Pokemon main series games, to take out mega evolutions. After all, notes an earlier article on the subject published by Inquisitr, they are often seen as overly powerful and, at times, game-breaking.

The idea that mega Pokemon are being removed, or at least that no new ones were being added, in generation seven was basically accepted as fact until a recent passing remark in a Japanese magazine made Pokemon fans’ ears prick up.

When discussing the recently revealed dragon-type Pokemon Jangmo-o on Smogon, the go-to site for competitive Pokemon players, veteran poster Cresselia said he could confirm that mega Pokemon would indeed be present in the new games. Cresselia went on that he had come across a blurb in a Japanese magazine that had assured him. The blurb discussed Jangmo-o’s already-revealed ability, “Soundproof,” and, in doing so, confirmed that Jangmo-o’s Soundproof would be able to block the “Hyper Voice” attack of Mega Gardevoir. Obviously, Mega Garevoir being present in Pokemon Sun and Moon means the return of mega Pokemon.

One of the questions that instantly springs to mind is in regards to the capacity in which megas will be returning. Just because they are present in the seventh generation of Pokemon games doesn’t mean they will be coming to the single-player mode. Maybe megas are usable, but they have to be brought in from other games. In other words, maybe there will be no mega stones available in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

On the other hand, maybe Gamefreak is going to include megas in the new titles but wants to keep them a secret and shock the Pokemon community by springing them on us all at once when the games come out. Obviously, that is the more exciting of the two prospects and it raises another pressing question. What Pokemon might receive new mega evolutions in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Again, Gamefreak, the Pokemon Company, Corocoro, nor any other official Pokemon news source has said anything about megas in the new games apart from the one blurb in the Japanese magazine quoted by Cresselia, so it is difficult to even speculate on which Pokemon will be getting the mega evolution treatment.

The only document that offers even a small indication of what Pokemon are in for a mega might be the latest leak by “The Chinese Riddler.” As a recently published Inquisitr article explains, the Riddler has an impeccable track record when it comes to cryptic clues hinting at upcoming announcements for Pokemon Sun and Moon. As the article also explains, part of the leak published just a few days ago shows small sprites of 220 Pokemon from generations one through six. Roughly 50 of the sprites are shaded, suggesting that those Pokemon will be getting some special treatment. Some of the shaded Pokemon are not final-stage ‘Mons and some already received megas in previous games, so it does not seem like all of the shaded creatures will be subjects of mega evolution, but is it possible that they are a mix of Pokemon that will get megas and Alola-exclusive forms?

Pokemon Sun and Moon Mega Evolution Return
The list of sprites in question is located near the bottom of the leak. [Image by Pokejungle]

Thanks to Jangmo-o, we know that megas will be coming back, but just how much of a comeback will they be making? Pokemon fans can speculate all they want, but they should keep in mind that this year is Pokemon’s 20th anniversary and, as such, the Pokemon company is probably keeping at least some tricks up its sleeve until the release of Sun and Moon as a surprise present for Pokemon fans.

At any rate, we will all find out exactly what we are in for in seven weeks when Pokemon Sun and Moon are unleashed on the world.

And as always, train on, Pokemon fans!

[Featured Image by Sabrinarck/Flickr]