June 29, 2017
Angelina Jolie's Feud With Charlize Theron Deepens, Jolie Accused UN Peacekeepers Of Sex Crimes

Angelina Jolie is apparently feuding with Charlize Theron over Murder on the Orient Express, according to the Times of India. The 41-year-old Maleficent star is reportedly angry at her fellow actress for replacing her in the Murder on the Orient Express remake.

Even though Angelina Jolie herself refused to take on the role in the remake of Murder on the Orient Express, she's apparently angry at Charlize Theron after finding out the actress was in talks to replace her in the upcoming film.

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie and Theron have hated each other for several years, but with the casting news about Murder on the Orient Express, it appears that their feud has only deepened.

A source cited by OK! magazine claims that Angelina Jolie is starting to think that Theron is "obsessed" with her and that the estranged wife of Brad Pitt is "sick and tired of it."

"She feels Charlize goes out of her way to target roles she's associated with."
But the source also said that Theron couldn't care less about Angelina Jolie's opinions about her career and personal life, adding that the Mad Max star thinks this is "high school stupidness," and that Jolie doesn't deserve to be "dignified."In other news, Angelina Jolie claims the United Nations' reputation is being damaged by multiple cases of sexual abuse by peacekeepers, according to the Guardian. The mother-of-six addressed delegates from 80 countries of a major UN peacekeeping summit and claimed that there have been "a few intolerable cases" of sex abuse against women and children.

Angelina Jolie claims that she had met several women who said they had been abused by international troops, the very people who have the mission to protect them. And the UN special envoy and actress says the organization's reputation is being "sadly undermined" by those cases.

Angelina Jolie urged the organization to prosecute all peacekeepers who have abused women and children, adding that the UN should develop a new approach to peacekeeping that would involve women and would respect rights and protection.

"Peacekeeping forces can only gain and keep the trust of local populations if they are able to engage with women as well as men in that community."
By bringing up the subject of sexual abuse and exploitation by peacekeepers, Angelina Jolie set a key theme of the UN summit, while other delegates also discussed sexual assault cases in Haiti, Central African Republic, and other countries.

Every time Angelina Jolie talks about thousands of displaced Syrian children, she cannot hold back her tears, according to E! Online. The 41-year-old actress got emotional during her visit to the camps in Syria.

It was Angelina Jolie's fourth visit to the camps with refugees since the Syrian conflict erupted five years ago, and even though there is a new ceasefire deal in place, the actress is still concerned about the thousands of displaced children who have moved into refugee camps in Jordan.

Angelina Jolie also added that she couldn't imagine what a life like this would be like for her children, adding that there are kids in Syria who remember no life other than "this harsh, desert environment and barbed wire fences."

Appearing in front of reports as a special UN envoy, Angelina Jolie also talked about Syrian teenagers who have been terribly wounded both physically and mentally.

"Over half of all refugees in Jordan are under 18. My own children are of that age."
Angelina Jolie and her estranged husband Brad Pitt share six children together, eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne, 10-year-old Shiloh, 11-year-old Zahara, 12-year-old Pax, and 15-year-old Maddox.

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