Chicago Tops The Most Promiscuous Cities In America List

Chicago ranked at the top of the Seeking Arrangement poll which gauged what American cities boast the most friends with benefits scenarios and casual hookups. The online dating website promotes itself as the top place for a sugar daddy and a sugar baby to find mutually beneficial relationships.

A total of 72 percent of Chicago residents who participated in promiscuous ranking survey admitted to hooking up with seven or more partners a year. In a similar poll about casual sex conducted by OKCupid last summer, Chicago did not even make it onto the top 10 list, the Huffington Post reports.

New York City and San Francisco were found to be the least promiscuous cities, with only 15 percent of participants noting they had seven or more sex partners per year. Birmingham ranked in the number two spot on the list, according to the New York Daily News.

Las Vegas slid into the third spot on the most promiscuous cities list, with 68 percent of those polled admitting to having a no-strings-attached encounter with seven or more partners a year. The cities with the most hookups list jumps around on the map quite often. Surprisingly, some of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States rank far lower than somewhat smaller cities in the West, the Midwest, and the South.

Oklahoma was awarded a fourth place finish on the Seeking Arrangement survey, with 68 percent of those surveyed stating they had sex with at least seven partners in a year. Atlanta placed fifth, with 62 percent of those revealing their sexual habits noting that they had seven or more partners in a typical year.

A typical member of the website noted in the hookup survey that they enjoy the company of approximately two to four partners per year. The internet dating service currently had 1.7 million members.