Daughter Used Fake Legal Documents To Murder Her Dad

Susan Elizabeth Van Note allegedly murdered her own father in a calculated maneuver involving faked legal documents and a vicious nighttime shooting and stabbing attack.

William, 67, a wealthy retired accountant was left on life support in a Columbia, Missouri hospital for several days before his daughter decided to pull the plug.

In what was believed to be his last wish, Susan, 44, produced legal documents regarding her father’s end-of-life issues, which included a signature giving his permission to pull the plug.

Police are now claiming that the document provided by Susan Elizabeth Van Note is a fake and that she personally created the document in order to murder her father.

Detective Sergeant Chris Moehle of the Camden County, Missouri Sheriff’s Department tells PEOPLE:

“This is one of the most bizarre murders we’ve seen. Especially how cold and calculated it was. The attack was violent and brutal.”

If found guilty, Elizabeth could also face questioning in the death of her dad’s longtime girlfriend, Sharon Dickson. The girlfriend was stabbed more than a dozen times and shot “repeatedly” according to the official police report.

In confirming the faked document, Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Brian Keedy says:

“We intend to prove that Liz Van Note was involved, either acting alone or with others, in the actual killing that night.”

An investigation is still ongoing and according to the Mercury News:

“Friends of both victims and the suspect describe a troubled father-daughter relationship weakened by the divorce of Susan Van Note’s parents three decades ago. The couple had two children, but William Van Note’s only son and namesake died as a teenager. They are now buried next to each other.”

Prosecutors and the defense are refusing to discuss specifics of the forgery at this time.