LaLa Kent Says Kristen Doute And Jax Taylor Are Envious, Calls Kate Maloney ‘No Sex Havin Teletubby’

The Vanderpump Rules Season 5 preview was released only just yesterday, but the insults are already flying between some of the cast members on social media. On Monday evening, one of the show’s stars, Lala Kent, reacted to the fact that two of her co-stars, Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor, cropped her and James Kennedy out of the official Season 5 promo photo in their posts about the new season. Lala also lashed out at Kate Maloney for doing the same thing, going so far as making fun of her appearance and supposed lack of sexual intimacy with her now-husband Tom Schwartz.

On Tuesday, after Bravo released the Season 5 preview, Lala excitedly shared the official promo photo on her Instagram page. The photo shows Lala standing all the way on the left, next to a sitting James. “I’m back at it, babies,” Lala declared.

Lala’s co-stars also shared the photo on their social media accounts. Yet some of them shared not the full photo but a cropped version. Both Jax and Kristen posted a cropped version on their social media pages. In their version, Lala and James are nowhere to be seen.

Lala posted the cropped photos that Jax and Kristen posted on their Twitter accounts. Lala apparently thinks that Jax and Kristen cropped her and James out of the photo because they’re envious of them. Lala said that there’s nothing more terrifying and dangerous than such envious people.

Lala later posted a video of herself talking about Jax and Kristen cropping her out of the photo.

“I’m getting a lot of people who are asking me about how I feel about Jax and Kristen cutting me out of the main picture for Vanderpump. Here’s my thing, I’m a firm believer in what makes you happy and feel good. That’s exactly what you should do, so if that’s what made them both feel good in that moment, then to each his own. I’m not here to judge, it is what it is man [laughs]. F**k it.”

In her caption for the video, Lala declared that she’s “in this b**ch.”

Besides calling Kristen and Jax out, Lala also posted a tweet that seemingly poked fun of Kate Maloney’s weight and her sex life with Tom Schwartz. While Kristen and Jax posted promo photos that cropped out both Lala and James, Kate posted a promo photo that only had Lala cut off. In retaliation, Lala wrote that she doesn’t need to make fun of Katie’s looks since even her man is leaning away from her as if he’s declaring that he’s not with “this no sex havin teletubby.”

On Season 4, Katie and Tom revealed that their sex life was lackluster. Did their sex life get better? The Season 5 preview shows Katie angrily yelling at Tom that his “d**k doesn’t work” as she gets out of his car. “My d**k works just fine,” Tom says to himself.

Kristen Doute seemingly responded to Lala Kent’s claim that she’s envious of her by tweeting on Tuesday morning that she’s certainly not envious of “a big mouth without a job.”

In addition to his cropped photo, Jax Taylor posted tweets that made fun of Lala and James Kennedy. In response to one viewer who told him that it’s funny how he cropped Lala and James out, Jax responded, “Who?”

In response to another viewer who posted a snapshot of Lala, taken from the preview, making an outrageous face, Jax said that he and the other cast members look at her like that.

Jax later posted another version of the promo photo. His second version shows half of Lala and the face of his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, superimposed over James’ face. Clearly, Jax thinks that Brittany should have been featured in the promo photo instead of Lala and James.

Jax and James clashed throughout the fourth season. At one point, they even almost came to blows while at work at SUR. Jax thought that James was too cocky, had a bad attitude, and disrespected women. Judging by Jax’s social media posts, he and James didn’t make amends and get closer while filming the fifth season. As for Lala, Jax actually flirted with her at the beginning of the fourth season. Now, however, Jax may still be mad at Lala for publicly suggesting last year that he has a sexually transmitted disease.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during Lala and James’ appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live in December 2015, Lala said that she would never have sex with Jax because she knows Jax’s “secret.” James piped up that the secret is herpes.

James Kennedy seemingly responded to Jax Taylor and Kristen’s digs by posting a message about not letting someone ruin what one already has and not sweating the small stuff since life is bigger than that. “Boom,” James wrote. Was the message James’ way of letting people know that he’s not letting himself get bothered by what Jax and Kristen did?

The preview for Vanderpump Rules Season 5 shows that there will be plenty of drama between Lala Kent and some of the other cast members, specifically Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney. In one scene, Kristen, seemingly in reference to Lala, said that “she’s f**king a married man.” The preview then shows Lala telling boss Lisa Vanderpump that she’s not a married human being. “Well you would know,” Lisa coyly replies.

The next scene shows Lala telling Katie that she has been “throwing rocks.” “Why because I call you, like, a wh**e? Call it as I see it,” Katie responds with a smile.

On Twitter, Kristen posted a tweet that accuses Lala of being with a married man.

“Dear ‘Lala’, Your hobbies include doing whatever you want. Pretty sure that’s what his wife said…”

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