Police: Internet Romeo Violently Killed Baby Of New Girlfriend

Police in North Carolina say an internet romance has ended in the death of a 17-month-old baby, and now a man is behind bars, accused of murder. WSOCTV News reports that 25-year-old Justin Carver attacked the child in his home last week, but he claims that the little boy simply “fell off the couch.”

Authorities have confirmed that 17-month-old Camden Hudson has been taken off life support, after fighting to survive for just around three days. The death of the infant has led to upgraded charges against the North Carolina man, who had originally been charged with felony child abuse.

The Statesville Record & Landmark reports that Justin Carver is the boyfriend of the victim’s mother, but the two have only been together for a very short time. In fact, the two had only just begun living together, after “seeing each other” for approximately four months via the internet. Reports aren’t clarifying exactly how long the couple had been living together at the time of the alleged assault on the 17-month-old infant, but it’s known that the mother and child quickly moved into the North Carolina man’s home after the brief online courtship.

Police say that the violent incident took place on Friday of this past week. However, few details have been clarified about what may have happened to the child. Carver told police that the infant “fell off the couch,” which caused the numerous injuries that led to the child’s death. Police are saying that serious head trauma, which was intentionally inflicted by the man, led to Camden’s death. Police also say that Carver was the only person with the child at the time of the violent assault.

Sadly, this isn’t the only time a child has been put in danger by a parent’s internet romances. Sometimes these cases are brought on by incidents of child abuse, and other cases have resulted from other tragic circumstances. In 2008, a British couple were arrested after it was revealed that they had killed their own newborn child. The teenagers, who met on the internet, kept the pregnancy secret before doing away with the newborn, in hopes of concealing the fruits of their internet romance.

In 2011, a Norwegian mom was arrested after she killed her 1-year-old daughter while her boyfriend watched via Skype. The International Business Times reported that Yasmin Chaudry used a bucket of water to drown the baby, who had “disobeyed” her, while her long-distance boyfriend watched via the internet. The woman told authorities that the man had ordered her to do so. Both the man and woman in this case pleaded not guilty to plotting the murder of the infant, but prosecutors weren’t convinced.

As for this latest case out of North Carolina, very few details are being released at this time. What is known is that Justin Lon Carver has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 17-month-old Camden Hudson. The North Carolina man is currently being held at the Alexander County Detention Center, without bond. Initially, he was held on bond in the amount of $500k, but that amount has since been rescinded since his charges were upgraded from abuse to murder.

[Featured Image by Alexander County Detention Center]