‘Love On A Limb’ Coming To Hallmark With Ashley Williams, Marilu Henner, And Trevor Donovan

It is time for a new Hallmark movie on Saturday, October 1. Marilu Henner is doing a great job on Dancing With the Stars, but before she put on her dancing shoes, Marilu filmed this new flick Love on a Limb, and it looks like one her fans are going to love. Hallmark shared the information about her new movie in a press release today. Hallmark has several new movies coming out in what they are calling their Fall Harvest and Marilu Henner’s new movie is one of those. Ashley Williams of How I Met Your Mother and Trevor Donovan of 90210 will also star alongside her. This looks like a fun family flick that even the kids can watch.

This new movie Love on a Limb is more than just something to watch on a Saturday night starring Marilu Henner, though. Hallmark shared the details about how this movie is also about preserving the earth. Here is how they explained it.

“In fact, Hallmark Channel has partnered with the National Parks Foundation in order to bring awareness to and help protect the iconic and treasured parks around the country. Love on a Limb brings awareness to support your local community’s treasurable landmarks and preserve its nature.”

Ashley Williams’ character is someone who is always up for helping out a good cause. The town decides to cut down their beloved oak tree and she is not happy about this situation at all. She will decide to chain herself to the tree to keep Trevor Donovan’s character from tearing down the tree. Of course, that right there is a love story in the making. These two will go head to head because both of them think they are doing the right thing.

[Image by Hallmark Channel]

Marilu Henner will play a character by the name of Zee in Love on a Limb. The preview doesn’t share much about Marilu’s character besides her saying that Ashley’s character is being a bit dramatic. She is best known for her time on the show Taxi, but of course, fans are enjoying watching her on Dancing With the Stars this season with Derek Hough as her partner. It is on Week Three of the show and so far Marilu Henner is still there. It is obvious that the fans are voting and want her to stick around. Derek Hough didn’t look like he would return this year because of his new show on Broadway, but instead he is back and Marilu got the chance to have him as a partner.


Today Marilu Henner went to her Twitter to share her excitement about the flick. She retweeted about the movie and said, “This movie was so much fun to do! Can’t wait to share it with everyone! Plz watch!” Marilu has been very active on her social networks now that she is part of the DWTS cast and wants to make sure everyone knows how to vote and help keep her on the show. Tonight it will be decided if Marilu Henner makes it another week on the show or if she gets sent home after just a couple of weeks on the show. Regardless, Marilu still has a great career as an actress.

Are you excited to see Love on a Limb with Marilu Henner? Do you think that Marilu has a chance of winning Dancing With the Stars this season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Marilu’s new movie Love on a Limb on Saturday, October 1, on Hallmark. Of course, if you miss the first one you can catch repeats throughout the next week.

[Featured Image by Petr Maur/Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Hallmark Channel]