Clinton Keeps Trump On The Defensive Following The Presidential Debate

Reuters reports Democrat Hillary Clinton wants to keep Republican rival Donald Trump on the defensive following the very first U.S. presidential debate between the two by accusing him of being a sexist, racist, and tax dodger. Trump made a point to say he had plans to hit Clinton harder the next time. To be more specific, his plans to “hit her harder” would include bringing up the infidelity of Bill Clinton.

Trump ended up finding himself in another controversy – where some would argue he put his foot in his mouth – when he made fresh insults about Clinton’s weight. During the debate, Clinton told reporters, “[Trump] was making charges and claims that were demonstrably untrue, offering opinions that I think a lot of people would find offensive and off-putting.”


According to Fortune, Monday night’s Presidential debate was the most watched Presidential debate in United States history. It is estimated that 80.9 million Americans watched the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These numbers caused the debate to smash records that were more than a decade old. These numbers include the 45 million who watched the debate on the four main TV networks as well as the millions who watched on standard cable channels or smaller outlets.

While this number has yet to be confirmed, it is going to beat the 80.6 million people who watched the Jimmy Carter-Ronald Reagan debate back in 1980. It, however, did fall short of the 100 million viewers that a number of analysts were predicting.


The Guardian believes Donald Trump lost his cool during the debate while Clinton was able to stay calm. Hillary repeatedly forced Trump to take the defensive by making comments that accused him of perpetrating a “racist lie” with the birther movement as well as “stiffing thousands” of the blue-collar workers.

Trump actually praised himself for not attacking Clinton during the debate by taking about the marital infidelities of her husband, Bill Clinton. He, however, has made it clear he will likely include this in his future debates as he has every intention of “hitting her harder” moving forward. There are two more presidential debates between Clinton and Trump scheduled on October 9 in St. Louis and October 19 in Las Vegas. Trump claims that he went easy on Clinton because he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings during the election.

“I may hit her harder in certain ways. I really eased up because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Trump also claims to have resisted the urge to fire back at Clinton when she criticized how he treated women with how her husband treated his women on the site. Trump claims he made the decision not to make a statement regarding this because Clinton’s daughter was in the room.


Trump, however, hardly has room to talk about issues with infidelity as he was still married to his first wife, Ivana Trump, when he engaged in a high-profile affair with Marla Maples. Marla went on to be his second wife. In time, Trump ended up divorcing her as well. To date, he is married to his third and current wife Melania Trump.

According to Reuters, Trump was interviewed by Fox News and questioned about his poor performance during the debate. Trump claims he was asked a lot of unfair questions and his microphone wasn’t working that well.

“I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories, of course, but it was much lower than hers and it was crackling.” Trump said, implying that Hillary’s microphone was working better than his.

When speaking to reporters, Clinton suggested that Donald Trump complaining about the microphone not working right was just confirmation that he did not have a very good debate night.

You can watch the full Presidential Debate in the video below:

What do you think about Hillary Clinton being so much more aggressive during the debate night than Donald Trump? Was he just trying to spare her feelings and the feelings of her daughter? Was the microphone malfunctioning? Or did he choke under the pressure?

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