Police: Mom Threw Baby Down Stairs During Repeated Incidents Of Abuse

A Mississippi mom has been arrested, and her 23-month-old daughter is on life support, after what police are calling repeated incidents of child abuse. KNOE News reports that 32-year-old Shaloe Lewis faces charges in association with child abuse allegations.

Police in Natchez, Mississippi, say that the 32-year-old mom has confessed to abusing her 23-month-old daughter, who has suffered from numerous injuries. The authorities were alerted to the alleged abuse sometime last week, which led to the arrest of the woman. Meanwhile, her daughter is on life support, clinging to life with a multitude of frightening injuries.

Detective Jerry Ford says that the little girl was thrown down a flight of stairs by her mother — an act which has resulted in “severe head trauma.” The baby, just a month shy of being 2 years old, is suffering from a cracked skull, bleeding on the brain, and other assorted injuries. Police have said that the girl is the victim of repeated child abuse at the hands of her own mother.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only time a parent has confessed to abusing her children. It’s also not the only time a parent has been accused of throwing his or her child down a flight of stairs. In 2014, a Delaware mother was arrested for doing just that. Police say that 31-year-old Rihannon Watson lost her temper when her 1-year-old daughter wouldn’t stop crying. In a fit of rage, she reportedly punched the baby in the mouth. When this (obviously) didn’t stop the crying, she allegedly threw the infant down a flight of stairs.

In 2015, a Virginia man named James T. Brown was arrested after he allegedly threw his daughter down a flight of stairs. Police in Woodbridge say that the 38-year-old dad forced himself into a home where the child was living with her biological mom. He allegedly assaulted the 24-year-old mom and her mother, before grabbing his 3-month-old daughter and throwing her down the stairs. The infant suffered from a “serious leg injury,” in association with the incident.

Earlier this year, a mom out of Denver, Colorado, was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment after she was convicted of killing her own child. Twenty-three-year-old Kelsy Newell-Skinner violently beat the 2-month-old infant to death in a fit of frustration, but her loved ones believe that she may have been suffering from postpartum depression when she shook the child, beat her, and threw her against a wall.

This also isn’t the only recent case of child abuse ending with a child on life support. Just five days ago, the Inquisitr reported on the alleged assault on a 4-year-old child that has her fighting for life in a New York hospital. Her stepmother, 22-year-old Marissa Bickford-Rice, has been charged with multiple felonies associated with the ongoing abuse of the little girl.

As for this latest case out of Mississippi, the 23-month-old victim remains on life support. Meanwhile, the little girl’s mom is behind bars, charged with child abuse. Reports aren’t clarifying on whether or not that charge could be upgraded if the child’s condition doesn’t improve — or worsens. Shaloe Lewis is being held on bond in the amount of $1 million and currently does not have an attorney.

[Featured Image by Natchez Police]