Asad Khan: 11-Year-Old Boy Found Hanging In Bedroom After Being Bullied At New School

A mother in Bradford, West Yorkshire was left devastated Saturday after finding her 11-year-old son, Asad Khan, hanging in his bedroom after being bullied at his new school, according to the Mirror.

On the night of September 28, police were called to a Tile Street home about an unresponsive child.

Upon arrival, they discovered the boy hanging in his bedroom, and the paramedics immediately rushed him to an area hospital but just shortly after arrival, Khan succumbed to his injuries.

Police officials stated that they do not believe the boy’s death was suspicious.

It was later uncovered that after Khan had started school at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School three weeks ago, older students at the school began to bully him.

The seventh-grader opened up to his family about being bullied, but according to his 34-year-old aunt, Rehana Bibi, the family thought he just needed time to adjust since he was new to the school.

But Khan’s family soon came to realize that he needed more than time to adjust when his mother found him hanging in his bedroom.

Sources say that around 4:20 p.m. Saturday, Khan’s mother, whose name has not been released, sent him upstairs to his bedroom to change out of his school uniform, but when he took longer than expected, she went to check on him.

To his mother’s amazement, Khan’s bedroom door was locked, and she “heard no response” after calling for him. Therefore, she broke the door down and made a shocking discovery.

The mother found her son hanging in his bedroom and tried desperately to revive the boy, but it was to no avail.

However, just moments before Khan, who was the oldest of four siblings, went to his bedroom and took his own life, the Telegraph reported that he and his mother were going to have a talk after he returned.

Khan reportedly told his mother that he was being bullied at his new school and wanted to leave.

A woman, Asama Javed, told reporters that on the day of his suicide, her nephew saw Khan being bullied at school.

She said, “My nephew said he saw some sixth formers hitting Asad in the playground at lunchtime. He told a teacher, who said they would be dealt with on Friday.”

The boy’s aunt told reporters that “he was just a very good innocent child, he was so sweet and I just cannot believe he has gone like this, I mean this is obviously a case of bullying from school.”


“The parents are so, so good themselves that it’s hard for them to understand what bullying is at school. Because they are not like that themselves they would not ever think that.”

Tributes were paid to the boy on social media, according to the Scottish Daily Record.

After learning Khan took his own life after being bullied for weeks, the head teacher at Beckfoot Upper Heaton School, Simon Wade, released a statement on the school’s website.

“It is with great sadness that we learnt last night of the death of Khan, one of the school’s newest students. The school is united in its grief at this sad time. The school community is working together as students, parents and staff come to terms with these events. All our thoughts are with the boy’s family at this terribly difficult time.”

Wade added, “The school is aware of speculation about the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death. In his first three weeks at school, he made a great impression on all who met him. He was doing well in lessons, scoring high marks for his attitude to learning and his positive approach to school life and the school was looking forward to a bright future for him.”

“This bullying needs to stop, it is taking young boys’ lives,” added Bibi.

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