After Josh Duggar Spousal Abuse Speculation, Duggar Family Shares Happy New Photo Of Josh And Anna

Josh Duggar and Anna may no longer be playing a perfect Christian couple on TV, but they’re still going strong. To prove that this is the case, the Duggar family recently shared a Facebook photo of Josh and Anna side-hugging like they did when they were two courting teens. It’s the second photo of the couple that fans have seen since Josh’s infidelity became public knowledge a little over a year ago, and the Duggars are possibly hoping that it will shut down speculation that Anna was recently the victim of spousal abuse.

As In Touch Weekly reports, Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on September 26. Josh’s family marked the occasion by sharing a Facebook photo of the couple along with a message claiming that God has redeemed Josh for being unfaithful to his wife.

“Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna. We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives,” the message read.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the last time Josh and Anna Duggar were photographed together was on July 12, a day that is very important to the Duggar family. It was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, so Josh dressed up like a cow and came out of hiding to score some free fried chicken. This was the first time Josh was photographed with his wife after checking out of the faith-based treatment center that he called home for over half a year.

According to Us Weekly, Josh Duggar enrolled in the Reformers Unanimous treatment program last August. He was forced to admit that he had been unfaithful to Anna after hackers discovered his two Ashley Madison accounts, and he decided that his best course of action was to leave his wife and four kids — Mackynzie, 6, Michael, 5, Marcus, 3, and Meredith, 1 — at home while he went into hiding. Some os Josh’s critics don’t think that he left Reformers a changed man, and they’ve even accused him of treating Anna worse since returning home.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, a photo of Anna Duggar and two of her sisters-in-law, Jill and Jinger Duggar, recently sparked speculation that Josh Duggar has been physically abusing his wife. Some fans of the Duggar family think that it looks like Anna has a bruise near her right eye and a cut or sore on her bottom lip in the picture below.

“As a victim of domestic violence and someone who works with domestic violence victims, that is bruising,” one fan commented on the photo, which was also posted on the Duggar family’s Facebook page. “It’s not a shadow, black eyeliner smudged, a cold sore. It’s bruising. Anna, sweetheart, take care of yourself and your kids. Your kids need their mother. I know it seems like you’ll lose everything but you won’t- it’s about you and your kids! Stay safe.”

Anna Duggar Appears To Have Bruises On Face, Busted Lip
A closeup of the photo of Anna Duggar that has fans speculating about spousal abuse (image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

However, other commenters argued out that the Duggars would be crazy to share a picture of Anna bearing injuries inflicted by her husband. They speculated that Anna had walked into a door, was suffering from allergies, or was the victim of bad lighting.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that, if something bad had happened to Anna (I think it’s shadow on the eye), they wouldn’t be taking her picture and posting it on social media,” one fan wrote.

Anna Duggar’s face appears to be free of any injuries, shadows, and sores in the more recent anniversary photo. However, some critics of the Duggar family still believe that Anna and Josh’s marriage is far from being a happy, healthy one.

“This woman didn’t leave the marriage for one simple reason, she is stuck,” one commenter wrote in response to the Duggars’ anniversary post. “She was not able to get an education and have her own career. She is dependent on this man for herself and her children. I feel so sad for her.”

As Just Jared reports, Anna Duggar’s own brother, Daniel Keller, has spoken out against her decision to stay with Josh. He points out that Josh only made an effort to change his behavior because he got caught cheating, not because he felt guilty about what he was doing. Josh also has a history of “sin, confess, and repeat” behavior — as a teenager, he sexually molested his younger sisters; told his parents about what he was doing; and repeated the cycle until his parents finally decided to take action.

While many critics of the Duggars believe that Anna is just going to get hurt again, hardcore fans of the family can’t stop praising her — they’re flooding the Duggars’ anniversary post with positive comments about Josh and Anna’s marriage. They’re commending Anna for being her husband’s “servant” and blaming Satan for Josh’s behavior.

“God is good and He answers prayers! Anna is a good and faithful servant unto her Lord, her husband, and her marriage,” one fan wrote.

“God is Good, thankful for Anna’s strength to stand firm under Satan’s Attack on the Family,” another commented.

As People reports, Josh Duggar claimed that he became addicted to internet pornography and cheated on his wife because he “had allowed Satan to build a fortress that no one knew about.”

Do you think Josh Duggar will treat his wife right from now on, or will he break Anna Duggar’s heart again? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]