Fredrik Eklund Bonds With Luis D. Ortiz: Will This Friendship Last After ‘MDLNY’?

Fredrik Eklund is keeping busy in New York with brand new and impressive listings in the Big Apple, but it sounds like he’s willing to take some time off from the real-estate hustle to focus on his fans, his friends and his home country of Sweden. This past week, Fredrik and his former co-star, Luis D. Ortiz, traveled to Stockholm to do a speaking engagement together. Some people were surprised when Fredrik announced this speaking engagement because the two of them haven’t really gotten along when they were filming Million Dollar Listing: New York together. But it sounds like time has settled their issues and they had quite the show in Sweden.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he had a great time in Stockholm with Luis, and he was thankful that people came out to see him and his former co-star for their first joint speaking engagement. The two talked about selling, real estate, the show and their successes in life and it sounds like Eklund enjoyed being able to share his story in his own country with people who adore him.

“I feel so much gratitude. To everyone of you coming to this event, letting me tell my story in this personal way. I went crazy and started dancing of course, ran up and down through the audience of 3,000 people, completely crazy. There was so much love in the room. Of course I cried a little showing the video of me and Derek, sorry about that,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Instagram, sharing that he loved sharing the video of the presentation with his husband, who remained in New York during this trip.

But Fredrik Eklund wasn’t completely alone. Fredrik’s father and brother both live in Sweden, and one can imagine that they were present during his speech. Luis D. Ortiz was also allowed to speak, as it would be tough to keep him silent on stage. Luis has so much personality and it makes sense for them to get together and do a speaking engagement. Ryan Serhant wasn’t invited as it sounds like they don’t really get along these days.


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“My family was there too, allowing me to be honest. And thank you to Luis, for making it all so very special. It’s amazing how much I love you, it’s like we are brothers now. It means so much to me to have you here. And yes, we are going to expand this to more cities soon. This was such a beautiful start, and too beautiful not to do it again, right? Thank you, thank you, thanks to all of you!” Fredrik Eklund concluded in his Instagram post.

When Million Dollar Listing: New York ended earlier this summer, Ortiz announced that he was leaving the show behind. He wasn’t happy in real-estate anymore, and he really wanted to try something new. He wanted to find happiness. Both Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant were shocked that he was leaving, as they are very happy in real estate, and they love the successful companies they have created. Luis has been traveling quite a bit and maybe him leaving real-estate caused him to grow closer to Eklund. The two had so much fun together in Sweden that they are thinking about doing this once again and this time, possibly closer to home.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s comments about his speaking engagement with Luis D. Ortiz? Do you think these two will remain friends after Luis has now left Million Dollar Listing: New York?

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