‘Destiny: Rise Of Iron’: DLC Is A Repeat Of What We’ve Experienced, But Here’s Why That’s Okay

Destiny: Rise of Iron launched only a couple of weeks ago, and Light Levels are increasing by the loads.

Bungie’s new DLC strikes new life into Destiny, offering new tasks and rewards that match the effort. While the game retains many things we love, it also reminds us of the things that fans have already experienced. It’s been confirmed by Bungie that this is the last DLC that will be received for Destiny. The next step is Destiny 2, the highly anticipated sequel that will open up an entirely new game to follow the current installment.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is a formula that players have bittersweet emotions about. On one hand, we’re introduced to new enemies that threaten the existence of Guardians and those they protect. Splicers, the main enemy of the new DLC, keep players on their toes with increasingly difficult abilities and accuracy and are able to swarm Guardians by using a plethora of new tactics to overwhelm and challenge and teamwork is restored.


With this in mind, the saying “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” comes to mind. A report by Gamingbolt reports on the 10 things that should be left behind when Destiny 2 is released. There have been many patches and changes to Destiny since the base game was released. If Bungie listens to feedback, perhaps some of these suggestions will make their way into the future.

But the big question is this: Are we playing new content, or are we playing an attempt at it?

Rise of Iron repeats past DLC in a way. While the new enemies are hardly anything to laugh at or ignore, there’s no denying that they’re an updated version of what we’ve already seen. Dregs are aesthetically different, but they act as cannon fodder. Servitors and Captains have new attacks, but they fall short of being anything new that players haven’t faced before. The problem with Destiny lies in its inability to keep fresh content feeling like more than a chore every week.

The raid, Wrath of the Machine, is considered the most entertaining aspect of the new Destiny DLC. Players storm the home of an infected horde, and many secrets await those who enter. With a minimum Light Level to ensure that survival can be achieved, the raid is motivation for those who want to brave the greatest challenge that Rise of Iron has to offer. According to a report by Gamerant, there are already teams who are beating the raid with little difficulty. Players move at different paces, but could this be indication that it doesn’t take much to brave Bungie’s latest? One can only hope not.


The secrets in Destiny are still alive and well. Players aren’t going to locate every nook and cranny’s mysteries with exploration alone. There are certain sequences that must be completed, and there’s even the confirmation of a hidden weapon that requires quite a bit of work to get. Whether you’re into collecting or increasing your character’s Light Level, Bungie has ensured that work is required to pick up the highly valuable drops obtainable in Rise of Iron. If we’re lucky, this DLC will tide us over until the next big announcement.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Bungie wants fans to fall in love with Destiny again. There aren’t many details on Destiny 2, but fan input could point developers in the right direction. We’ll most likely see more from Bungie on the future installment later down the road. For now, players will continue chasing the glory of becoming Iron Lords.

What are your thoughts on Destiny: Rise of Iron? Do you believe that this DLC was worth the price? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Bungie]