Sunhwa Officially Parts Ways With SECRET — Former K-Pop Idol Opts Out Of Renewing Contract With TS Entertainment To Pursue Acting Career

So far, 2016 has been a very peculiar year for K-pop. To summarize this year so far, it is one filled with debuts, lineup changes, and disbandment. Sadly, lineup changes and disbandment seems to be prominent so far. Though losing members is always a sad situation, 2NE1, Beast, and Miss A suffered the smallest blows as they only lost one member each — Minzy, Hyunseung, and Jia respectively. Rania suffered the most in lost members in which the last three originals, Di, T-ae, and Xia, left the group, leaving behind Alex, Hyeme, and Seulji. Both Kara and 4minute were not so lucky, as both K-pop groups lost just enough members to warrant disbandment.

All of the aforementioned happened in the span of six months. It seemed as if the latter half of the year would finally ease up on breaking K-pop fans’ hearts. It did for a bit, but now it seems the second “Kpopcalypse” is back in effect as Sunhwa of K-pop girl group Secret was reported to be leaving Secret once her contract with TS Entertainment expires. She is planning to pursue a career in acting.

Sunhwa, Secret, K-pop, TS Entertainment
Sunhwa was a member of Secret, a K-pop girl group formed under the TS Entertainment banner back in 2009. This year, she will be leaving the group and company to pursue acting. [Image by TS Entertainment]

The news of Han Sunhwa, better known by her K-pop idol moniker of Sunhwa, of leaving Secret by not renewing her contract with TS Entertainment first started out as rumors back in August, as reported by AllKpop. Technically, Sunhwa’s contract ends this coming October 13 so until then, she is still a part of Secret. Within that time, there is always that glimmer of hope that Sunhwa would prove the rumors false and resign with TS Entertainment. However, it would make sense if she did decide to leave given that Secret hasn’t done anything as a group since 2014. Their last promotion was their fifth extended play (EP), a mini-album titled Secret Summer. On it, Secret performed their last hit song “I’m in Love” (music video attached above).

Eventually, TS Entertainment would verify K-pop fans’ fears, especially those who are Secret Time (official fan club of Secret). The entertainment company released an official statement on Monday, October 26, detailing Sunhwa’s departure along with what Secret will do after she leaves.

“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

“Sunhwa, who has been active as a member of SECRET and as an actress for the past 7 years, will be ending her promotions as SECRET on October 13th. She will be ending her contract with our label as well.

“SECRET will continue as a 3 member group with Hyosung, Ji Eun, and Hana, who have renewed their contracts, and we are plannig to continue as usual by supporting their individual activities as well.

“We thank you for the warm support you have showed SECRET, and we ask that you continue to support and show interest to SECRET and Sunhwa.

“Thank you.”

Sunhwa, Secret, tvN Marriage Not Dating
Sunhwa has acted in a total of six K-dramas since 2010, three of them in 2014, including "God's Gift -- 14 Days" and "Rosy Lovers." This is a teaser image for her role as Kang Se Ah in "Marriage, Not Dating" on tvN. [Image by Total Variety Network (tvN)]

Luckily for Sunhwa, she does have at least five years of experience in acting to fall back on and isn’t going in a total greenhorn per se. She has played roles in More Charming by the Day, All My Love, Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek, God’s Gift — 14 Days, Rosy Lovers, and Marriage, Not Dating. Sunhwa has also made numerous appearances in Korean variety shows. So far, she has not played any roles for K-movies.

As for the other members, they are continuing their solo activities either it be as a solo musician or acting. There are no announced plans for Secret so far but given that Sunhwa will no longer be a part of the K-pop group, TS Entertainment might have the remaining members — Hyoseong, Hana, and Jieun — reunite to show the K-pop fans they are still here.

[Featured Image by TS Entertainment]