WWE News: Is Roman Reigns The Most Important Champion On ‘Raw’?

In the WWE, the world champion has always been the most important champion in the company. For years, the United States and Intercontinental Championships have been lowered to an almost afterthought. However, as Forbes pointed out, the positioning of the United States champion, Roman Reigns, and the Universal Champion, Kevin Ownes, shows that might have just changed.

Vince McMahon and the WWE have wanted Roman Reigns to be the face of the company for years now, but the fans have rejected it. As a result, Triple H came out to help Kevin Owens win the Universal Championship, and Owens has since been painted as a man who has seen his title reign protected.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns was moved down the card and put into a feud with Rusev for the secondary United States Championship. Unlike Owens, Reigns beat Rusev despite outside interference, and then Roman won the rematch the next night on WWE Monday Night Raw. Roman Reigns is a face and Kevin Owens is a heel, which explains the differences in booking their matches.

However, look at where their matches took place on WWE Monday Night Raw. The first hour was the most important because the WWE was competing with the presidential debate and Monday Night Football. The WWE sent out Roman Reigns to defend his title in this segment to try to lure viewers to WWE Monday Night Raw.


Universal Champion Kevin Owens was in the main event match, which is traditionally the most important on the card. However, it was a tag team match where Owens teamed with Chris Jericho to battle Enzo and Big Cass. It is clear that the opening match with Roman Reigns was positioned in the more important position when it comes to ratings, and it was for the United States Championship.

The entire purpose of moving Roman Reigns into the United States title scene was to put him against the evil foreign heel, a place where he could win over the audience. It also took him out of the Universal Championship picture, so fans who were angry about his positioning would have nothing to complain about anymore.


However, it looks like a misdirection is at hand. The Inquisitr previously reported that Roman Reigns might be moving back into the main event picture after SummerSlam, and it seems that it has happened.

It wasn’t that long ago that Kevin Owens beat Roman Reigns by pinfall, although it was thanks to outside interference by first Seth Rollins and then Rusev. However, in the very next week’s main event on WWE Monday Night Raw, Roman Reigns beat Universal Champion Kevin Owens in a steel cage match.


The next weekend, Roman Reigns beat Rusev cleanly to win the United States Championship, while Kevin Owens needed the help of Chris Jericho and a referee bump to retain his Universal Championship. Yes, the Universal Championship is the biggest title on WWE Monday Night Raw, but Roman Reigns is booked as the bigger star and better champion at this time.

While it looks like Roman Reigns has been removed from the main event picture for indie sensation Kevin Owens, the fact is that Roman is positioned as the biggest star in the WWE right now, even over the champion. One has to wonder if the fans will finally support Roman or if they will continue to demand changes and refuse to allow Roman Reigns his chance in the spotlight.

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