‘Quantico’ Star Priyanka Chopra Discusses Rare Audition, Upcoming ‘Baywatch’ Movie With The Rock

From Bollywood to Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra has transitioned nicely. She currently stars in the hit ABC television series Quantico, but the actress will be making her first appearance in a Hollywood blockbuster with Baywatch. That film co-stars former WWE star and current action star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, Chopra will play a villain in the movie. Priyanka recently spoke about both her television and film projects.

It might surprise some people to know that Chopra rarely has to audition for roles. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, she claimed in a Good Morning America interview that Quantico was her first time auditioning for a part. That audition occurred after she’d already appeared in 50 movies for Bollywood. Chopra admitted that it’s not common to audition in India for the roles. Several of those roles garnered her critical acclaim and award nominations.

Actress Priyanka Chopra performing at IIFA ceremony
Priyanka Chopra at IIFA Awards (International Indian Film Academy Awards) ceremony in 2016 [Image by IIFA - Pool/Getty Images]

The newest U.S. television actress was a huge star in Bollywood before she ever arrived in Hollywood. A former Miss India and Miss World beauty pageant winner in 2000, the actress has starred in such movies as Mary Kom, 7 Khoon Maaf, and Kaminey. All three of those roles garnered her nominations for Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress. Now, she’s getting the chance to excel on a bigger stage with Hollywood TV and movies.

Priyanka admitted she was all sorts of nervous heading into that first audition in front of just seven individuals, noting that she’s comfortable in front of tens of thousands of people on stage. However, she revealed how she talked herself into getting through the audition after calming down.

“So I talked to myself, completely cliché, in the bathroom before and said, ‘You’ve done 50 movies. What’s wrong with you?’ And I went in there, did my thing, and I got the job.”

That’s a good thing for Chopra and fans of the show Quantico. In a time when many television shows quickly come and go, it has managed to enter its second season. Chopra may be credited for much of that success too. She’s received rave reviews for her role and even won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series for her work as FBI recruit Alex Parrish.

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On the heels of her TV success, Priyanka could have a part in another major success too. In a world of Hollywood remakes and reboots, the latest to get that sort of treatment is the hit television show Baywatch. Chopra is set to star in the film with Dwayne Johnson, who has been setting the action movie world ablaze himself.

Johnson will take over the lead role as Mitch Buchanon, while Chopra will star opposite him as at least one of the film’s villains. It will also star Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach in some of the classic roles. However, the focus will likely be on the top Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

The Times of India reported about Priyanka’s experience making the movie. She talked about creating her identity for the role/ The 34-year-old star commented on the fact that she will be portraying a negative character in the upcoming movie. Chopra noted her character, Victoria Leeds, “doesn’t have morality. But also… it’s a comedy.”

“It was so much fun to be able to create Victoria in Baywatch. It was awesome to bring that black evilness into their positive, beautiful world.”

Priyanka Chopra wins PCA for Quantico in 2016
Priyanka Chopra poses with her 2016 People's Choice Award for her TV role. [Image by Getty Images]

The new Baywatch film will be based on the former hit television show starring David Hasselhoff as head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon. The series revolved around a group of lifeguards and the various personal or emergency situations they were involved in. The movie of the same name arrives in May of 2017. It will be interesting to see if the popularity of Quantico star Priyanka Chopra and top action film star The Rock will be enough to propel this film to box-office success.

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