WWE News: Sasha Banks Likely To Regain Women’s Championship & Why She Dropped It In The First Place

Along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte, Sasha Banks made her triumphant WWE main roster debut last summer with designs of making an immediate impact and changing the perception of women’s wrestling for the better. It began as a revolution, slowly morphing when the company was forced to drop the Divas moniker and recognize the women as superstars, equal to their male counterparts.

Bayley was talented enough to join the other members of The Four Horsewomen, but she was tasked with carrying the NXT division until a suitable replacement was found. That didn’t happen until a year after Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte were promoted, but she’s already tasted a championship opportunity since arriving on the scene.


Sasha Banks debuted in the WWE as a heel, aligning herself with Naomi and Tamina to form Team B.A.D. That gave Charlotte a jump start on championship gold as she ended Nikki Bella’s historic run with the title at last year’s Night of Champions.

But despite her heel status at the time, it was blatantly obvious that the WWE Universe adored Sasha, and she was soon pinpointed as the one who would eventually dethrone Charlotte. That, of course, took time and character changes. Originally, WWE officials planned on Sasha going over Charlotte at WrestleMania 32 in a singles match, but Becky Lynch threw a monkey wrench into those plans, as her ascension forced them to add her to the equation.

The title design changed, but the champion remained the same. The WWE creative team wanted a Sasha Banks’ championship victory to happen on a big stage, and since WrestleMania was in the rear-view mirror, SummerSlam was the next best option. It just came across odd when Banks was off television for an extended period following WrestleMania. It was soon revealed that she had suffered a concussion, leading to reports claiming Vince McMahon believed she was too reckless in the ring.


Coincidentally, injuries would continue to play a part in Sasha’s pursuit of the title heading into and throughout this summer. As a way to make a major splash on the first episode of Monday Night RAW following the brand extension draft, Sasha defeated Charlotte to become the new champion, only to drop it back to her less than a month later at SummerSlam.

It was revealed shortly after that The Boss was suffering from some nagging injuries, and that’s why the decision was made to give the belt back to Charlotte. The injuries were later discovered to be not as severe as once feared, and had that information been known prior to SummerSlam, Sasha would likely still be champion now.

However, according to Cageside Seats, Sasha Banks’ fans should expect her to recapture the WWE RAW Women’s Championship soon. As seen on Monday’s RAW, Charlotte granted Sasha a rematch for the title next week in Los Angeles, but it’s believed that the title switch won’t happen until the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 30. Part of the reason is that the WWE already gave away a Sasha championship victory on RAW before, and the upcoming pay-per-view is in her hometown of Boston, which would, of course, make for a special moment.


Adding Bayley to the mix at Clash Of Champions was WWE’s way of further establishing her to the mainstream audience even though they knew she probably wasn’t meant to be there yet. She should experience a chase similar to that of Sasha’s. It also provided the company with an alternative to another singles match between Banks and Charlotte, so the program wouldn’t get stale.

Long-term plans seem to include Sasha and Bayley eventually headlining a pay-per-view in what would be a historic decision. Charlotte and Dana Brooke are penciled-in to see their partnership blow up, igniting a feud there as well. But in the meantime, Sasha Banks appears to be the next champion. It just remains to be seen when exactly her second reign begins.

[Featured Image by WWE]