‘Price Is Right’ Gets First Male Model

Rob Wilson will be the first male model on The Price Is Right starting on Monday, October 15.

The iconic show held a contest earlier this year to find its first male model. Wilson beat out several other aspiring models to win a one-week stint on The Price Is Right starting on October 15.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Wilson and the other models competed in several different challenges for the show’s male model position. Wilson had to make up lyrics to the Price is Right theme song, make a costume change, and design shirts for the show.

Wilson told TV Line:

“The competitions were really fun — stuff I’ve never had to do before, so I had to come out my shell. One of them, we had to design shirts…. And as if we got called out from the crowd, you had to show what your reaction would be…. And then we did this crazy karaoke thing which I guess got me a bit further along, because I just let go, and the judges really liked that. I freestyled a rap over the Price Is Right anthem.”

The photos from the contest all show the male models without their shirts on. Wilson said that he’ll be wearing clothes when he starts his gig on The Price is Right… he thinks.

rob wilson

Wilson said:

“I think I’m going to be wearing clothes on the show. I’m assuming.”

Are you excited to see a male model on The Price Is Right?