Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen Accused Of ‘Racism’ After ‘Homophobic’ Remarks

Just a week after Fifth Harmony’s Dinah Jane Hansen was dragged for making “homophobic” comments on social media, fans uncovered one of her old tweets. As seen in a tweet from 2014, the 5H singer makes fun of dark-skinned women.

Dinah Jane posted a tweet on Feb. 21, 2014, which contained a Vine video that makes fun of dark-skinned girls. Hansen thought the video was hilarious and decided to share it with her fans, according to fan forum Lipstick Alley. In case the tweet ends up getting deleted, the clip says, “why do dark skinned girls always look like they got mustaches? like ‘hey you got something on yo – that is just yo skin I am sorry.'”

Then, Hansen followed up with the tweet, “That is just yo skin I am so sorry,” along with crying and laughing emojis.

While it’s an old tweet, it seems like Hansen didn’t realize her mistake and deleted it yet. That must be hurtful to her Fifth Harmony bandmate Normani Kordei. This news just comes a week after Dinah Jane Hansen was accused of being “homophobic” on social media. She angered fans when she used the word “gay” as an insult on Snapchat, reports Celebuzz.

In a clip that’s gone viral on Twitter, Hansen is seen filming herself as she refers to a group of people sitting next to her as “gay.” She jokingly tells the camera, “He thinks he’s so cute, so gay.”

Dinah no Snapchat essa tarde, na Califórnia | tongan_b0i#MPN #FifthHarmony

— Fifth Harmony Manaus (@5HManaus) September 18, 2016

Perez Hilton first posted the controversial clip to his Twitter account on Sunday, Sept. 18. It didn’t take long for him to slam the singer about those remarks.

Fans took to Twitter to slam Hansen for using the word “gay” in a derogatory way. However, some insisted that Hansen was being “ignorant” for using the word gay as an insult.

“We know she is not homophobic, but you can’t defend her [right now], she can’t say something like that just [because] she’s ‘Dinah,'” one fan argued.

“Dinah is not homophobic she’s just ignorant when it comes to understanding the community,” another chimed in.

“In the context she was using, she was doing that. She was being homophobic,” another added.

“Dinah has disappointed me so bad man,” one Fifth Harmony fan wrote. “She’s done me so dirty and i feel SO hurt, especially as a gay person myself … smh. [SIC].”

Hansen last sparked outrage on social media when she mistaken sexuality with race and used “Love Wins” to defend herself to wear cornrows after the Polynesian singer was accused of cultural appropriation. In the now-deleted tweet, she wrote, “People be ignorant sometimes.. if LOVE WINS well can I win too? It shouldn’t matter what I am? Or how I wear my hair we are all human.”

Earlier this year, Kordei left Twitter after becoming a target of racism. Most of Fifth Harmony have come to her side, except for Hansen, reports Fuse TV. Kordei received a series of racist tweets after she did an interview in which she referred to fellow bandmate Camila Cabello “very quirky” and “cute,” which Cabello’s fans saw as “shade.”

Cabello has told fans that nobody should put others down to come to her defense. Ally Brooke Hernandez and Lauren Jauregui showed their support as well. However, it took some time for Hansen to chime in, according to some of the fans. Hansen finally followed up with a vague tweet about love and hate.

Dinah Jane Hansen and Fifth Harmony have not spoken out about these recent incidents. What are your thoughts surrounding Hansen and her social media posts? Do you think she should be slammed for her remarks? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Dinah Jane Hansen/Instagram]