Shannon Beador Broke Down After Moving Into Rental: ‘I Cried Non-Stop’

Shannon Beador has been dealing with plenty of stress while filming The Real Housewives of Orange County. Not only did Shannon have to deal with her mother-in-law’s comments about her marriage, but she also had to move out of her massive home and pack all of her belongings in just a week. Beador was stressed out and she really didn’t know if she could pack everything in time. Even though she was stressed out, Beador was very emotional when she finally closed the door at her home and got the keys to her rental home.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that it’s tough to watch this episode again because she was very emotional when she was leaving her home. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beador revealed that they had built the home to suit their lifestyle. It was a home without Wi-Fi, there were no toxins in the home, and she planned out every detail in the home to make it her style. So when someone else took over, it was hard for her.

“It was very emotional to watch our last minutes in our home! We spent five years building it and five years living in it, it’s the longest we have ever stayed in a house. My feelings are conflicted. I was sad to leave, yet excited to move on. It’s interesting,” Shannon Beador revealed in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Shannon reveals that it was exciting to go to her rental home near Kelly Dodd’s home, but she was emotional driving away from her home. When Shannon closed the door at her home, her face wasn’t exactly thrilled. One would imagine that she would happy that the packing was done, but she was actually stressed out and sad because the chapter was closing — and perhaps closing too fast.


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“I cried non-stop as we drove away from the house and thought I was going to have a difficult time. The next day I had to bring back some things we forgot to leave for the new owner. I walked through the home and felt nothing. It gave me a sense of closure. It’s just a house. Who lives in the house is what makes it a home,” Shannon Beador said about her Real Housewives of Orange County moving experience, according to Bravo.

Despite all of the drama with the moving, Beador and her husband still managed to fit in a date night. They had lots of talk about as David wasn’t too pleased with the way his mother had handled herself at the rock concert. But Shannon was just happy that the two of them could have some alone time together.

“It was nice to get away from all the boxes and go on a date night with David. I haven’t had a home cooked meal for a while, hence the massive weight gain!!! And I ordered a tequila drink for once. When we were in Cabo San Lucas for our second honeymoon, I tried many different tequilas and I have to say it’s a nice change,” Beador revealed in her Bravo blog.

Beador had probably hoped that her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars would be supportive of her after the rock concert drama. She had hoped that the ladies would be supportive of her and offer her a shoulder to cry on if she needed it. Instead, the ladies were gossiping about how David was happier with his mistress and how he had brought her to family dinners.

What do you think about Shannon Beador breaking down after leaving her home behind? Do you get why she’s so critical of her new rental home?

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