Josh Murray And Amanda Stanton Share The Latest With ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans: What Have They Been Up To? [Updated]

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and they are still going strong. The two have weathered some rumors and challenges since filming their love story in Mexico early in the summer, but they remain engaged and are sharing plenty of updates with fans showing that things seem to be going really well between them. What’s the latest?

Despite rumors of an Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray breakup on the way, these Bachelor in Paradise stars are living together in California with her daughters Charlie and Kinsley. The quartet has been embracing a lot of family time together, and recent posts make it clear that Murray is growing very close to the two young girls.

Josh recently accepted his fate when he let Kinsley do a makeup tutorial on him, captured via Stanton’s Snapchat, and another recent video showed the Bachelor in Paradise stars cracking up as they videotaped the girls showing off their dance moves.


The foursome has hit amusement parks together and had a lot of adorable photos taken together at the beach recently, and this newly-formed family seems virtually inseparable. Josh and Amanda had previously indicated that they would be moving to Atlanta, Georgia with the girls after the Bachelor in Paradise finale, but so far, they remain in California. There has been a fair amount of strife involving her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio, as Us Weekly details, and some wonder if that may be why they are staying put for the moment.

Nick has filed paperwork in court asking for adjustments to the custody agreement he has with his ex-wife, and he has asked for a change in spousal support as well. Buonfiglio also shared some tidbits he claimed his ex told him over lunch recently that would point toward trouble in Josh and Amanda’s relationship. However, both Bachelor in Paradise stars were quick to dismiss Nick’s claims.


The two may still be stationed in California for now, but they have just shared that they are on the move at least for a few days. Josh and Amanda did just share via social media that they were off to Georgia for a couple of days and it looks like it may be an adult-only trip to spend time with his family and hit up the University of Georgia Bulldogs football game.

Stanton’s latest Instagram Stories post showed that Josh snuck some wine onto the plane for them and she joked about how this is how she knows that they are soulmates. Josh’s Instagram Stories post later in the evening showed them having quite the time out partying with his mom. These Bachelor in Paradise stars may still be living in California for the moment, but fans are glad to see them spending some time back in Georgia together in his neck of the woods as well.

Despite all of the drama and rumors Stanton and Murray have faced since first connecting on Bachelor in Paradise, he says that his new family is worth it. He seems to adore spending time with Charlie and Kinsley and joked via a recent tweet that the young girls are way cooler than their mom. Are things really going as smoothly as Josh and Amanda portray on social media?

Sources told Entertainment Tonight that the two had broken up a couple of times post-filming and faced some very rocky times. During interviews before their engagement on the beach in Mexico, Josh and Amanda talked about how in love they were and how anxious they were to get married and have more children. It sounds as if they have weathered some rocky times together, but it also seems that they have worked through things and are in a pretty solid place now.


As “Bachelor Nation” fans know, one cannot always count on social media posts from these couples to necessarily be an accurate picture of how things are going behind-the-scenes. Murray and his former Bachelorette fiancee Andi Dorfman would be a great example of that, considering that all seemed well in their social media posts and even in interviews, but post-split it became clear that the relationship had been a rocky one. However, some Paradise fans think that Amanda and Josh might actually go the distance and be fairly well-suited for one another.

Will this Bachelor in Paradise couple end up tying the knot? Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have not detailed anything about starting the wedding planning process yet, which many fans would surely say is wise considering that there are two young girls involved in all of this. Everybody will have to wait a bit to see if this relationship can go the distance, but Amanda and Josh certainly seem determined to show fans that they are doing well these days.



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