Ariana Grande Is A Fan Of Both Fifth Harmony And Little Mix

Everyone knows that Ariana Grande does not hold back these days. The petite pop star has been getting controversial with her interviews lately. And just the other day, Ariana showed some support for Fifth Harmony during what she described as a “bad interview.”

Grande was clearly not happy when she found out the interviewer asked the girl group about their relationships. It happened during Grande’s interview with KIIS FM at 102.7 KIIS FM’s 2016 Wango Tango Concert, reports TechPlz. The “Dangerous Woman” singer lashed out at the interviewer for snooping into Fifth Harmony’s personal lives.

“You were asking Fifth Harmony if they had boyfriends. Can’t you just let them sing?” Grande said. “You’ve always got to tie a woman to a man.”

Grande continued to blast the male journalist in defense of Fifth Harmony, slamming him for “always tying a woman to a man” by asking the five girls if they had boyfriends. When one of the interviewers tried to defend their fellow journalist by telling Grande that he wasn’t a bad guy, she retorted, “he’s not a bad person just a bad interviewer,” as cited by Unreality. Grande then turned to the interviewer and said she was “just kidding,” only then for her to take back her apology a second later by adding, “I’m not kidding.”

The awkward interview immediately went viral on social media on Monday, September 26. Many of Fifth Harmony’s fans thanked Grande for calling them out and some even called her the queen of calling out poor interviewers.

This news comes after Grande called out Ryan Seacrest when she was asked about Mac Miller, reports Us Weekly. On Thursday, Sept. 15, Seacrest said that the singer confirmed her relationship with Miller in an Instagram post.

“Oh, is that what I did? Is that what Instagram means to you now? All right world, let’s go,” Grande said. “What was that segue?”

“Well, I don’t know,” Seacrest responded. “I’m asking.”

“What are you asking? You said a sentence, there was no question…. I don’t know, man,” she said.

“Well, come on, man,” Seacrest snapped back.

But, Grande refused to go into details about her relationship with Miller. The two went back and forth some more until Grande said fans and listeners do not need to hear more details about her relationship just because she posted a photo on social media.

“If I post something, then that’s what I’m willing to share at the moment. That doesn’t mean you, Ryan Seacrest, with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information.”

Grande is not picking sides in the girl group wars. She also supports U.K. girl group Little Mix. Last week, she announced on social media that Little Mix will be headlining her upcoming “Dangerous Woman Tour” during her North American run, according to We Got This Covered. Also joining Grande on her forthcoming tour is her friend, collaborator, and co-writer/producer of Dangerous Woman, Victoria Monet.

Little Mix took to social media to express their excitement over joining Grande on her tour.

This is a great opportunity for the girls to finally break out into the U.S. market. Although their albums and singles chart well in the U.K., their songs have yet to do well Stateside, except for “Black Magic.” Little Mix has dropped a remix of “Hair (ft. Sean Paul),” that still didn’t do well on the charts. The girls are set to release new music, so this tour may help them grab an American audience.

The group’s new single, allegedly called “Shout Out to My Ex,” is expected to drop next month. Rumors are circulating that Little Mix will drop a different single titled “Touch” for only U.S. audiences. The single is rumored to include a feature from Grande. If it turns out to be true, then it may be what the girls need to score some success in the U.S.

Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” kicks off on February 2 and ends on April 15. Let us know what you think about Grande’s support for both Fifth Harmony and Little Mix in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]