Will 'Arrow' Return For The Fall TV 2016 Schedule? 'Arrow' Season 5 Premiere Date Confirmed [Spoilers]

Alexandria Ingham

The Arrow Season 5 premiere will be here before you know it. Arrow is definitely returning for the fall TV 2016 schedule, but just what is this confirmed date? Surely with so many other fall TV shows coming back this week and last week, the show should be here by now.

Arrow used to be followed by Supernatural but that isn't going to be the case for the fall TV 2016 schedule. Supernatural is moving to Thursday nights, while the archer in the green hood will be followed by new sci-fi drama Frequency, based on the movie of the same name.

There are going to be some changes this season, and there is hope that the storyline will come back to what it was like in the beginning. There is no denying that Arrow lost its way during Seasons 3 and 4 a little. There is still one more year of flashbacks for Oliver Queen, which will bring us full circle to the beginning, so it needs to have some of that similar feel to it.

Arrow will see a new team of vigilantes for Season 5. We have already met them in the trailer, but the first episodes are likely to be centered more around their backgrounds and what they can bring to Team Arrow. We will also see how much of a step back Felicity will take as part of the team and what Thea's new role to help Olli in politics will be. Diggle is back with the military, but it is likely that his role there will somehow tie him back to Starling City.

There isn't long to wait now. Set your DVR and get October 5 in your diaries for the Arrow Season 5 premiere.

[Featured Image via the CW]