‘The Voice’ Boycott: Is Miley Cyrus Turning Viewers Off?

Miley Cyrus is building her team on Season 11 of The Voice, but is her presence on the NBC show causing viewers to turn off?

Ever since it was announced that Cyrus would be sitting in one of the infamous big red chairs on The Voice earlier this year, fans have been threatening to boycott the show, but is their anti-Cyrus campaign actually working?

As NBC aired its third instalment of blind auditions on September 26, some social media users flocked to social media to make it pretty clear that they had no plans to tune into the current season of the talent search with Cyrus on the coaching panel.

“Not watching this season #miley,” Twitter user @Paullyarc tweeted out amid Miley’s first season with the singing show, while The Voice fans @sandance49 tweeted out that they were “boycotting The Voice this season. I will not be watching as long as skanky Miley Cyrus is a ‘judge.'”

But while some fans continued to boycott the series because of Miley’s involvement, others took to social media to make it clear that Cyrus actually won over some viewers during the blind audition rounds, which began on September 19.

“Miley and Alicia are the best thing to ever happen to The Voice,” Twitter user @CALIFORNIALUV84 claimed of the two new coaches’ involvement with the series on the 140-character site, while @KeertiWasHere wrote, “the addition of Miley and Alicia as the new coaches on The Voice is literally the best thing ever.”

Other fans were also quick to point out that despite the call to boycott because of Cyrus, The Voice‘s Season 11 premiere boasted healthy ratings.

The Voice premiere had a total of 12 million viewers in spite of the attempt to boycott because of Miley,” Cyrus fan @Smiler4You noted of the opener’s ratings.

As reported by TV By The Numbers, the September 20 premiere of The Voice season 11 opened with 12.10 million viewers, putting the ratings for the latest season premiere, the first to feature Miley Cyrus, just behind the Season 10 premiere, which the site reported earlier this year brought in a total of 13.33 million viewers.

The Voice fans first threatened to boycott the 11th season of the singing show back in March after it was first announced that Miley would be joining veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on the NBC series alongside fellow newbie Alicia Keys.

Determined The Voice fans even started an online petition aimed at the show, calling for executives to reconsider having Cyrus sit in one of the infamous revolving chairs.

The Change.Org petition, which has so far only mustered 369 signatures, claimed in part that fans should turn off for fears that Miley would turn the family friendly show into a “sexual circus.”

“I was excited for The Voice to start later this month,” the petition starter wrote in the description, “but after a disgusting promotional photo of Miley mimicking oral sex on a judge buzzer, sexually exploiting women by such a poor role model for women, I’ve decided to not partake in watching this season at all.”

The petitioner then urged other The Voice fans to join the season-long boycott in protest of Cyrus’s hiring.

“Join me and let NBC and The Voice know that we don’t want our beloved family show turned into a Sexual Circus! It means more to boycott a show that you actually love to prove something,” the petitioner continued of Cyrus. “Too bad The Voice decided to promote this celebrity that does such damage for women,” added the Cyrus boycotter. “I don’t care if it’s only one show. I will not watch this show again if she is on it.”

What do you think of the boycott drama surrounding Miley Cyrus’s stint on The Voice?

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]