WWE Reportedly Back In The TNA Sale Picture

It’s been reported by various outlets that TNA is in need of money for their next set of television tapings and that they’re trying to sell the company to whoever’s interested. At the top of the potential buyer list is TNA president Billy Corgan, who says that if he buys the company, he’ll change its name. But, as of Tuesday, Corgan still hasn’t put a deal together to buy the company, and according to Wrestling Observer, the company needs to be sold by this coming Friday, or else TNA may not be able to fund their next set of television tapings and their upcoming pay-per-view — Bound for Glory — may not end up taking place.

Also according to the Observer, WWE has once again emerged in the TNA sale picture. If they do end up getting the company, they’ll only be buying it for the video library, and they’ll shut the company down immediately, much like they did with WCW back in the spring of 2001. Of course, WWE did try to keep the WCW brand alive on their own television shows, but they never could successfully promote the WCW brand, so they eventually gave up on the idea.

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On Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about TNA’s status, and whether or not WWE is considering buying the company.

“So we still don’t have a deal, and it’s like, time is running out. There’s no money to fund this coming week’s television and pay-per-view. WWE is back in the picture, which is a real interesting thing, because with WWE in the picture, it could be over.”

As previously mentioned, Billy Corgan is interested in buying, and re-branding the promotion. But, in a recent interview with ESPN, Corgan said that he probably couldn’t put a deal together for another couple of weeks, which would be way too late if he’s hoping to continue taping the product without any interruptions. There’s a theory out there that if Corgan can’t buy it for another couple of weeks, and if Dixie Carter refuses to see to WWE, then Pop TV will run TNA “best of” shows to buy the company some time to find money for their next set of tapings.

There are several TNA guys that WWE would love to bring into their company immediately if they do end up buying it, with the two obvious ones being Matt and Jeff Hardy. Last week, Figure Four Online reported that Triple H is interested in bringing in Matt Hardy once his TNA contract expires in 2017. But, if WWE buys the company, he could bring Hardy in immediately.


Both of the Hardy brothers have said in several interviews that they would love to return to WWE and finish out their careers, but they want to do it under the right circumstances. At this point in their careers, they’re not interested in wrestling a full-time WWE schedule, which may end up hurting their chances at a return to the company, even if they buy TNA. Another thing to consider is that both Matt and Jeff have complete creative control over the characters in TNA, which is something that they absolutely wouldn’t have in WWE. So, that alone may cause the brothers to decide to keep wrestling outside of WWE.

While the Observer suggested that TNA needs to sell by this coming Friday, there’s no guarantee that a deal will be made by then. As previously mentioned, Billy Corgan may not be ready to purchase it by then, and Dixie Carter may refuse to sell the company to WWE if they submit an offer. But, after all this time, it’s at least a possibility that WWE will end up owning TNA / Impact Wrestling.

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