WWE News: WWE Universal Championship Plans Revealed For Kevin Owens Heading Into WWE Hell in a Cell

At WWE Clash of Champions, Kevin Owens successfully defended the WWE Universal Championship in a grueling match with Seth Rollins, which included some key interference from Chris Jericho to ensure that Owens walked out with the title. The match also created a lot of speculation about Seth Rollins because it looked like he had suffered a rib injury during the match thanks to the Raw’s Universal Champion.

However, it was revealed after the WWE Universe speculated on the news for hours that Rollins did suffer a rib injury, but it isn’t considered serious. At the most, he suffered from badly bruised ribs and would just need to take the next few weeks to heal, and it wouldn’t affect WWE’s creative plans for WWE Hell in a Cell.

During last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins got into hot water with General Manager Mick Foley because the feud with Kevin Owens isn’t over as far as he’s concerned. The main event segment saw Owens celebrate his title reign with Jericho during “The Highlight Reel,” but they were interrupted by Seth Rollins. Security stopped him from getting in the ring, but it’s clear Owens vs. Rollins is far from over.

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Seth Rollins’ character is being presented in a much different light over the past few weeks. As a character, he hasn’t done anything drastically differently on WWE television, but the WWE fans have turned on him, and his face turn has begun. It’s being reported that Rollins’ face turn is going to progress slowly, but it will have major moments along the way that will make him the top face on Raw and probably in WWE.

The rib injury that Rollins suffered at WWE Clash of Champions may have changed some minor creative plans for WWE officials heading into WWE Hell in a Cell, but the original match they had planned will go on at the PPV. Obviously, Owens vs. Rollins will be involved. However, Chris Jericho is going to be added to the WWE Universal title picture, which is going to make things interesting for Owens and Y2J.

According to a new report that dropped shortly after Raw, the creative plans for the WWE Universal title plans for WWE Hell in a Cell are for Kevin Owens to defend the championship against both Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match. Creatively, Jericho and Owens competing in the same match could go one of two ways. They could gang up on Rollins, or it could force the two men to fight for WWE Universal title. Either way, it will test the on-screen friendship the two men have developed on WWE programming.

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As of this writing, it’s not confirmed that Jericho vs. Owens vs. Rollins is going to be the featured match that will be booked inside the Hell in a Cell structure during the PPV, but that information will obviously come to light over the next several weeks. However, it is being reported that “The Gift of Jericho” could be ending no matter what happens during the WWE Universal Championship match at WWE Hell in a Cell.

It has been rumored before, but Y2J is slated to leave WWE shortly after WWE Hell in a Cell to record a new album with Fozzy. Clearly, that is going to require him to stop wrestling and prepare for the band’s upcoming tour, but it also means that WWE will most likely not be pulling a swerve and have Jericho win the WWE Universal title.

If Jericho’s run with WWE is ending at WWE Hell in a Cell, it’s very likely he’ll take the loss during the title match. It’s far too early to know if the powers that be are thinking about a title change, but Raw’s Universal title picture appears to be set. It won’t take much longer for WWE’s creative plans to reveal themselves and show the WWE Universe what to expect at WWE Hell in a Cell.

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